Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

I know I’ve been gone for almost a month, and I could come up with tons of excuses, one of them being that final projects and tests were taking up my life at the end of this semester, but the main reason is that I’ve felt uninspired. Sure, I could have written something, posted anything, but I never want to give you guys something that doesn’t feel genuine. I guess we all need a little break from everything every once in a while. 

Nevertheless, I am back and sharing with you my skincare routine! I did a post like this a while back, but it’s changed a bit since then so I thought I’d give you an update.

I’ve never really struggled with a lot of break outs but I have super dry skin, like flaking every day and in need of all the dewy products ever invented skin. It can be hard to find the perfect skincare products for super dry skin because sometimes it feels like nothing works, but these are the best products I’ve found so far!

If you have dry skin or rosacea, these products might be up your alley! And of course, all these products are cruelty free.



CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser: This is the cleanser I use to wash my face in the morning because it’s super gentle. Since my face is bare in the morning and doesn’t need any intense cleansing, I like using this just to make sure it’s clean! It’s non-irritating and is supposed to keep moisture from leaving your skin!

Skin Drink Moisturizer: This stuff is truly a blessing. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and bouncy; I’m obsessed. It has a very light scent and lasts forever so don’t let the small container fool you! I love using this in the morning because it’s super hydrating but doesn’t feel greasy and helps subside my redness.

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion: Yes, another moisturizer, but this one has SPF 30! I put this on before I do my makeup, or just before I leave the house if I’m bare faced. I also take this to the beach with me, because putting regular sunscreen made for your body onto your face can clog your pores and cause breakouts! Sunscreen is super important so always remember to put it on, even if there’s no beach or pool involved.

Teddie Organics Organic Rose Water: Super simple and just one ingredient, this rose water is fabulous as a toner and smells divine. I spray this on my face after I’ve used my cleanser and before I put on my moisturizer.



Buche De Noel Face and Body Cleanser: Typically my go to cleanser for the night time is Angels on Bare Skin which is also from LUSH, but during the winter they come out with this gem. Honestly, I need this to become a regular product because it’s the love of my life. It provides light exfoliation to help get any yucky stuff out of your pores after a long day, but after you rinse it off it feels like you’ve just moisturized your face! It has an acquired scent for sure but I love it! It reminds me of a dessert I used to eat when I was younger.

Teddie Organics Organic Rosehip Oil: After I use my cleanser I’ll spray the rose water on my face again and then I apply this rosehip oil. Even if you have oily skin, you shouldn’t be afraid of oils! They are amazing for your skin and I was hesitant about them once, but now I can’t imagine them not being part of my skincare routine. Rosehip oil is my favorite and I also use the occasional jojoba oil. Rosehip is also great for fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity!



Oatfix Fresh Face Mask: I honestly am not a regular when it comes to masks, but every time I have five empty black tubs from LUSH I always get a free fresh face mask! Out of all the ones I have tried, this one is by far my favorite. It’s super gentle and hydrating so it’s perfect for sensitive and dry skin! Sometimes masks can be super harsh on my skin so I typically just stick to making my own masks out of avocado, pumpkin, or banana, but this baby is a keeper. It also smells like banana nut muffins so you’ll kind of want to eat your face when you use it but it’s cool.


Raw Sugar Body Wash, Vanilla Bean + Sugar: We can’t forget about the skin on the rest of your body! This is the body wash I use and I love it. It smells like vanilla which is enough to grab my attention and it’s vegan! They also donate a bar of soap to a family in need with every purchase.

Pacifica Island Vanilla Body Butter: Now, although my face is dry, the rest of my body isn’t so I probably don’t use this as often as I should. I typically use this body butter after I shave and it’s super moisturizing and of course, smells like vanilla. Almost everything I own smells like vanilla so you’ll quickly stop being surprised.



Buttered Brazils Lip Balm: A lot of the time chapsticks actually dry your lips so you use more of the product and have to buy another one more often. That is not the case with this lip balm, it’s 100% my favorite and I’ve been purchasing LUSH’s lip balm for years. It also smells chocolatey and delicious so there’s that.

Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm: This is what you’ll typically find in my purse or book bag and it’s my second favorite lip product. Also super hydrating and has a nice minty scent!



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