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Benefits of Veganism

People always tell you about all the amazing things they experience when going vegan, and well… I’m here to become one of those people. Of course veganism is amazing for your health, the environment, and for the lives of all living creatures, but I wanted to share some personal changes I’ve noticed since going vegan. There’s definitely more than the ones I’ve listed but I wanted to share the changes that have really stood out to me amongst the rest.

Improved DigestionBecause of not eating enough in the past I weakened my colon a lot. This caused me to have severe digestive issues and I was bloated practically every moment of my life. Although I’m still reaping the consequences a bit from ruining my digestion, I have noticed such a huge difference. Eating a vegan diet that is mostly raw has helped my digestion SO much. Like I said, I still have some bad days, but there are so many more goods days now and I can not imagine how much worse I would feel if I still ate meat and dairy.

GraprefruitUntitledBefore I went vegan, getting my period was living hell. My cramps were so bad that I literally could not physically move. I would have to stay in bed all day while struggling to find a comfortable position. And if I wanted to go to the kitchen or the bathroom? I would have to crawl, no joke. Also sorry if this is TMI but my flow was also super heavy. Now I never get a cramp on my period and my flow is so much lighter! I also don’t experience the bloating that I used to when on my period. Most of the time I forget that I have it.

Leaner and StrongerI now finally know what it means to be fit and healthy. It’s funny because I feel leaner now after gaining a little over 15 lbs than I did when I was underweight. I actually have muscle now and my body is more toned. I also feel like I’m getting stronger and stronger and can lift heavier weights than I ever could before going vegan. Everyone always worries about being deficient in something on a vegan diet but I can honestly say that I am the complete opposite of deficient.

More EnergyFueling your body with whole and nutritious plant foods really gives you so much energy. Before going vegan I used to drink coffee daily and still felt tired, now I never have caffeine and I have the most energy I’ve had in my entire life. I actually want to be physically active and get up and do something. Eating a vegan diet filled with so much healthy deliciousness makes me want to get up and move my body! I’m also always super alert which is very important when you’re a college student. (Just to clarify, sleep is still important kids, fruits and veggies are only half of the reason for energy)

Clearn SkinThis one actually didn’t dawn on me until about a year into my vegan journey. I stumbled upon a picture of myself without makeup before going vegan, and although I’ve never had super awful skin, it was so much bumpier and I had so many more breakouts. Now my only problem is my rosacea and the occasional dry patch. I feel like my skin looks so much better now and I’m so much more confident not wearing makeup. I also feel like my skin has a natural glow that it didn’t have before!




2 thoughts on “Benefits of Veganism

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Caroline! The benefits you listed here sound amazing. My diet is mostly plant-based, but I still eat fish and eggs from time to time. Can’t imagine myself eating red meat though; I used to have stomach ache every time I had it. Anyway, glad I came across your post today and can’t wait to read the next one:)


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