June Favorites

It is not okay that June is already over. If I had it my way I would be living in an endless summer so hopefully these next two months slow down a bit. Needless to say my favorites this month are some of my favorite, favorites and I hope you guys check some of them out.

fashionThis month I have been super obsessed with tube tops! I’ve been stocking up on them and I truly need to be stopped. My go-to tube tops are just a simple black or white one because they go with pretty much anything! I’ve been having some fun with some patterned and textured ones too. I love how feminine and effortless tube tops look and they remind of the 90’s and 70’s.makeupAlthough I don’t have a specific makeup product I’ve been loving this month, there is a specific look I’ve been loving. This one is for all my green eyed lovelies out there. Red eye looks have been my favorite lately! Although I’ve done red eye makeup in the past, this month it’s seriously been the love of my life. I love taking a matte brown shade with a warm undertone and putting it all over my lid first, then I’ll take a red shade and put it on the same way I would eyeliner. Red really makes green eyes pop since it’s a complimentary color and I just love it!youtubeSo this favorite is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine and I can’t explain why I love it but you guys, Summer Break is my shit. It’s a YouTube series that happens every summer and they put out new episodes every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. They’re on their 5th season right now and I highly recommend binging all the seasons this summer since the episodes aren’t that long anyway! Just some nice reality teen drama to keep you entertained this summer, yah know?foodSince it’s been warmer I’ve decided to try and incorporate more fully raw food days into my diet. I love eating raw because it makes me feel amazing, and although I still have cooked dinners sometimes or will go out to eat every once in a while, eating raw has become like second nature to me. I truly think that you guys should try just including at least one raw day into your week and see how you feel! musicSZA has finally blessed us with an album and I am loving Ctrl so much. I couldn’t pick one favorite off of the album to share with you guys so instead I think you should just listen to the whole thing and let me know what your favorite song is!



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