March Favorites

Time really needs to slow down! I almost forgot to do a March favorites because I didn’t notice that the month had already come to an end. Although the start of spring graced us with its presence in March, it hasn’t really shown its face. I’m pretty sure some days have been colder than winter ones and there’s been so much rain, I don’t even want to talk about. Luckily there were a few things that brought some sunshine into my life this month so I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.fashionI have been so obsessed with fun jeans. What I mean by that is just any pair of jeans that has something a little extra special and isn’t just your regular pair of blue denims. I recently featured a pair of high waisted jeans that were dual toned and had an uneven, frayed hemline on the ankles in an ootd. I’m so obsessed with them and love all the fun denim I’ve seen lately. Whether they’re embellished, frayed, distressed, or tasseled, they just add a little extra something to your look and I love them!

IMG_6435editUntitledI love perfumes and my favorite ones are those that make me smell like a bakery and are full of vanilla notes. The Parvati Fragrance from The Goddess Line has been my favorite scent for quite some time now and I don’t know why I haven’t raved about it before. It is the perfect vanilla scent and is basically an oil so the scent lingers for a long time and honestly just keeps getting better! When I ordered the scent, they sent me another one for free since my order took them longer than expected. Although I wouldn’t have chosen it on my own, the Lakshmi Fragrance is amazing. The amber and patchouli are really evident in it and it’s so refreshing! Sometimes I just open it to take a few whiffs. randomI recently went to a press preview with my boss where The Bouqs Co. was showing their fall collections and I was so obsessed with the bouquet of flowers I received from them. I immediately went on their site to look at all the amazing flowers and honestly can’t wait to order some for a special occasion! Their flowers are freshly cut from sustainable farms and shipped to you quickly so you can get super fresh and beautiful flowers! I’ve noticed that they also last longer than those that I usually get at a store or flower shop!musicAnd Ed Sheeran does it again, earning another spot in my music favorites of the month. Although I’m pretty sure I love every single song on his new album, Barcelona is definitely my favorite (with Dive being a very close second). It is such a feel good song and the second I listen to it, I’m put in a better mood!



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