February Favorites

I know February is the shortest month of the year but it seriously went by so fast! I feel like the month was just starting and now it’s over. It literally caught me by surprise and I had to really think about what my favorites were this month because I feel like February didn’t even exist. fashionAlthough I’ve had them for a few months now, my cropped mom jeans with a frilly waistband have been my absolute favorite this month! I featured them in a recent OOTD and I’m obsessed with them. I love the subtle detail it adds to an outfit and how versatile they are.

img_6359editrandomSo we all know Shape of You by Ed Sheeran is fabulous, but this choreography to the song blows my mind. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it, but I definitely watch it almost everyday. I don’t know why I haven’t shared this sooner somehow but you guys seriously need to check it out! I love Kyle’s work and this is one of my favorites for sure.


Okay, okay, I get it. I get why everyone watches Shameless. IT’S AMAZING. I started watching it this month after needing a new show to watch when I have some time to spare and I was hooked. It’s funny, it’s dramatic, and it’s literally insane. If you thought your family was crazy, prepare to feel normal.musicJohn Mayer has finally blessed us with new music and ALL of it is amazing. You have to listen to every single song because it will change your life basically. Anyway, Still Feel Like Your Man has been stuck in my head since the moment I heard it and ugh I just love John Mayer with all my heart.





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