Best Galentine’s Day Movies

Valentine’s day is coming up soon and I know so many people hate this holiday but I LOVE it. I think it’s so cute and happy and I don’t think I could ever be upset on this love filled day. You don’t have to have a significant other to be able to enjoy the day. Spread the love to your friends or compliment a random stranger on the sidewalk!

Anyways, whoever came up with the concept of galentine’s day was a genius. Who doesn’t love having another excuse to get together with their closest girlfriend’s? I think one great thing to do with your girl’s on galentine’s day is to have a movie night with some yummy treats and cute decor! I decided to create a list of movies that I think would be great for this occasion and some might even inspire your party theme!

cluelessI think this one speaks for itself. Clueless is a classic and deserves to be on everyone’s list. I mean honestly, can you imagine not watching Clueless on galentine’s day? As if!

Paramount Movies movies thinking clueless alicia silverstonemulanTake it back to your younger years with Mulan! This is one of my favorite Disney movies and one of my favorite Disney princesses. This is such a fun flick to watch with your girls and is filled with women empowerment!

disney makeup fabulous mulan glamorousthe-parent-trapIs there ever really a wrong occasion to watch The Parent Trap? This is the best movie ever, I refuse to argue about this.

lindsay lohan twins the parent traplegally-blondeIt might be filled with fluff and comedy, but Elle Woods defies all that people think of her and really sets her mind to doing something that no one thinks she is capable of.

legally blondemiss-congenialityThis has been one of my favorites since I was very young. I feel like if you haven’t watched this movie yet, it really needs to be on your galentine’s day list. Also, Sandra Bullock, need I say more?

trip sandra bullock total film pageant miss congeniality13-going-on-30This movie is so great and Jennifer Garner’s light-hearted, youthful character is everything. I think this movie is a perfect chick flick.

13 going on 30


Image Credit: Giphy, Mental Floss



5 thoughts on “Best Galentine’s Day Movies

  1. My problem with romcoms is that they’re mostly mutually intelligible… as much as I like them theres no real difference between “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You got Mail”. (One reason why Bridget Jones was so beloved because it showed a flawed main character).

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