One Of The Boys

Throughout my entire life, I’ve never been one to look at clothing as “boy” and “girl”. I shop in the women’s and men’s section and if I like something then I like it; it’s as simple as that. Imagine the whole world of clothing you’re missing out on because you’re too scared to touch that men’s button up because we’ve been conditioned to think that it’s not for us; the same goes for men interested in something that catches their eye in the women’s section. I love androgynous looks and honestly find inspiration in anything and everything. I feel like my outfit today was the perfect amount of baggy and was super comfy. I wore a t-shirt dress and an un-buttoned dress on top of that with some baggy ripped jeans and a faux leather bomber. If I wanted to glam this look up a little bit, I would switch the booties for some classic black stilettos or lace up heals. I’d also throw my hair up in a sleek low bun and throw on some killer shades.


It was a little bit chilly today, but it wasn’t the coldest winter day we’ve had this year so this layering really saved me. My parents and I headed down the shore to our favorite ice cream shop Cookman Creamery today and if you haven’t been there yet then honey, you’re missing out. Not only the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had, but also the best ice cream I’ve ever had in general.







This look was really serving me Justin Bieber vibes to be honest.






T-Shirt Dress: Cotton On | Button Up Dress: She In | Jeans: H&M | Bomber Jacket: Forever 21 | Booties: Kohl’s



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