November Favorites

Let’s be real, did this month even exist? I feel like with midterms, holidays, projects, and appointments, this month just flew by and I barely had any time to acknowledge it. I also think that November is the equivalent to off-brand cereal at the grocery store. I don’t really vibe with it and it just reminds me that, ah yes, winter exists.fashionAs opposed to a specific clothing piece being a favorite, a specific color has been my favorite this month! If you know anything about me, you know how much I love the color yellow and this month especially I’ve been wearing it to no end. I’ve really been feeling mustard yellow clothing and it’s perfect for the fall. Yellow is such a happy color and wearing it makes me full of joy.


Groovy Get Upfood

I’ve recently been obsessed with adding maca powder to my smoothies. It has amazing health benefits that include being rich in vitamins B, C, and E. It also has tons of zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and amino acids. Maca powder gives an energy boost that doesn’t give you the jitters of caffeine. It also helps with hormones, improves libido, and overall health! All this stuff is fantastic but I’m personally obsessed with the taste. It’s hard to describe it but it has a a bit of a nutty and butterscotch taste! I definitely recommend trying it out if you want to spice up your smoothies.movieYou guys, Moana is the best thing I have ever seen. I cried, I laughed, and I cried some more. Don’t judge me. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend getting an overpriced movie ticket to see it no matter how old you are. I personally love animated movies, especially Disney movies, and Moana is definitely one of my new favorites. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack lately and I can’t wait till it comes out on DVD. If you watch it and don’t like it, I truly don’t think we can be friends. musicI have been listening to Do You Miss Me at All by Bridgit Mendler on the daily this month and have been singing it at the top of my lungs. Not only is it super relatable but it has such an awesome sound and is an overall great song. I loved her last album and she recently came out with a new EP called Nemesis that is leaving me wanting more. I recommend checking out the whole EP, but start with Do You Miss Me at All,  and let me know how quickly you become obsessed!

Image result for nemesis bridgit mendler



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