Save the Bees

Being a vegan, I might care about things like the life of a baby calf or the struggling environment a little more than the average person. Anyone can admit that the meat and dairy industry is horrible and numerous animals are slaughtered and abused because of it’s existence. But something that seems to be an argument, even in the vegan community, is whether the consumption of honey is ethical or not.

I know when I first switched over to this lifestyle, the only thing that took me a little by surprise was that honey was not considered vegan. After educating myself about the process in which honey is extracted it made complete sense to me that consuming it was not something I would be doing any longer.

Honey is the honey bee’s only source of food during the winter and when weather is poor. These little workers visit up to 1500 flowers to fill up their honey tummy and each bee produces 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in their entire life time!

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When beekeepers extract the honey from a beehive, they replace it with sugar that is not nutritious enough for the bees which causes them to exhaust themselves by trying to replace the missing honey. Many bees also die by stinging the person extracting the honey. Queen bees also have their wings clipped by beekeepers so that they can’t leave to produce a new colony elsewhere which helps in decreasing the population. These are just some of the harsh things that honeybees have to experience for the sake of honey!

Being that bees are now on the endangered species list, it’s really important to take care of our little friends as much as we can. They are essential for our survival because without them, so much of our produce would not exist; like apples, avocados, cauliflower, cantaloupe, mangoes, etc.

Here are some plants that you can plant to help honeybees pollinate and create honey so their population stays with us forever!:


info gathered from PETA and the Vegan Society



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