October Favorites

I can’t believe the month of Halloween is over. As far as I’m concerned, it’s Halloween until Thanksgiving is over so all these stores need to chill with the Christmas decorations. This month was filled with school work, studying, and midterms, but I still managed to have some fun in between the craziness. Halloweekened wasn’t as wild for me as it was for others but I got to catch up on all the Halloween movies I didn’t get to watch earlier in the month, and that’s perfect enough for me.

fashionIdeally, my fashion favorite for this month would be my Halloween costume, but I’m actually dressing up on November 5 because that’s when I’m going to a Halloween party, so stay tuned for a possible blog post or Instagram with that! Overalls on the other hand have been my go to this month. They’re always a favorite but in the fall time I gravitate towards them so much more because not only are they cute but they add a cozy look.

img_5796editnail-polishI don’t think that there could be a better shade for the month of October than this one. The minute I saw playing koi by Essie, I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect pumpkin shade and just screams fall!randomI didn’t know what category to give this favorite so I decided just to make a randoms category for times like this. One of my favorites this month was my pumpkin! Every year my family and I go pumpkin picking and every year I decorate the pumpkin in a different way! This year things got a little spooky with some cute ghosts!


What better thing to read in the month of October than Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories? I decided to finally get my hands on this, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect time. If you’re like me and can’t watch a scary movie without being paranoid for at least a week and not being able to sleep alone, then this is for you. It has just the write amount of eeriness that’ll make you shiver, but not enough to have you constantly looking back to see if there’s something behind you.musicI’ve had tons of music favorites this month, but Lady Gaga’s new album Joanne is amazing. I wasn’t a huge fan of the entirety of Art Pop, but this album blew me away. Gaga’s vocals are amazing and this album is truly worth the listen! It’s so different than anything she’s ever done and I absolutely love it.

Image result for joanne lady gaga



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