Falling For Fall

It’s finally the first day of fall. This is such a bittersweet time for me because summer is my favorite season but I’m obsessed with all things Halloween. Although the days are starting to get shorter and will only get gloomier, there are tons of things that warm my heart and make me smile during the fall time. If you’re like me and you’ll miss the warm sunshine then I’m here to tell you that it’s okay because there is tons of things to love about the fall that will make you happy! (I hope)

cozy-cornersI think everyone can admit that fall is the coziest season of them all. Who doesn’t love snuggling up in the softest blanket they own with a warm cup of tea and a hypnotizing book or a Halloween movie?  Being warm and cozy on a beautiful fall day makes me so happy. I love decorating my room to make it feel like my own little fall sanctuary; it just makes me want to cuddle up and relax.

Image resultpumpkin-everythingYes, I am one of those people that is completely obsessed with all things pumpkin. I make pumpkin pie every fall, I make pumpkin smoothie bowls weekly, I bake pumpkin for dinner more than I should, and I regret nothing. There’s something about eating pumpkin in the fall that doesn’t quite feel the same during any other season. Also there is nothing wrong with getting a PSL at Starbucks, or better yet making one on your own! I promise I won’t judge you.

Image result

autumnal-color-schemesI’m always stunned by the colors that the leaves turn in the fall. They’re so beautiful and I could look at them all day. Fall foliage is great for photo shoots and for simply just being admired. Let’s not forget fall clothing color schemes too! I love jewel tones and love all fall fashion. There’s something about the colors that adds to the whole coziness of the season.

Image resultspooky-soundsI love making mood boards and fall playlists that go along with a specific mood, feeling, or situation. If you don’t feel like making your own fall playlists there’s tons of them on Spotify or 8tracks for you to listen to as the leaves change color and the breeze sways the trees. I’m also guilty of playing film scores that go perfectly with the Halloween season during the month of October. I strongly recommend you try it out, its’s a great time.

Image result

hallows-eveLast, but most certainly not least, Halloween; my favorite holiday of the year. I honestly wish it was socially acceptable to wear Halloween costumes or Halloween related things for the whole fall season. I love the spookiness, the magic, and the fun that Halloween comes with. The fall season and Halloween make me feel like I’m in another world and I wouldn’t be opposed to living in Halloweentown. Also, let’s not forget all of the amazing Halloween movies that play on Disney and The 13 Nights of Halloween!

I hope some of these things open your heart up towards the season of fall. It doesn’t always have to feel gloomy and cold. It can be cozy and magical too!






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