All In The Detail

Today really played me. I looked outside and saw that it was gloomy so I thought, sure, pants will be okay today. Boy, was I wrong. Don’t let these photos fool you, I was sweating and those pants were sticking to my legs with everything they had in them. Although the first day of fall is in only three days, the summer warmth is going strong. My mom and I wanted to spend the day outside but were quickly persuaded into stopping inside every single store we came across because of the humidity.


I love the detail in this top, it adds such a nice touch to a simple outfit.


These pants are the most comfortable things I own and I regret so much not buying them in every single color. Also I am all about that mint green shade.


I went with some fun tennis shoes with polka dots on them to add a little something. Not only are they super cute, but they’re super comfortable!


Sometimes when I don’t feel like taking pictures anymore I do ridiculous things.


Top: Madewell | Pants: UNIQLO | Shoes: Keds



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