August Favorites

It was a little heartbreaking to see August come to an end. I feel like this month is always such a tease because I tend to have the best days of my whole summer break in the last few days. It happened this year too, I went on vacation and came back two days before I started classes! I don’t deserve that. Anyways, instead of using this time to cry about how much I’m going to miss sunshine, crop tops, and jumping into waves, I’ll share the things that made me happy this month.

fashionThis month I have been all about halter bralettes. Being someone that hates bras, I am no stranger to the lace bralette, but this month I finally got my hands on a halter bralette and my life changed. They’re insanely comfortable and are such a lovely detail underneath a simple top or dress.bralette.PNG

makeupMy makeup favorite this month has been, well… no makeup. I used to be someone who would probably have a panic attack before leaving the house without makeup. I’d look in the mirror and be terrified at what I saw. It’s amazing how wearing makeup every single day makes you forget how you look without it. This month I probably wore makeup a handful of times and now I’m more surprised at how I look with makeup than I do without it. It’s a really cool and awesome feeling to still love yourself even with a bare face.

foodAlthough I just tried this stuff a few days ago, I HAD to share it because I’m already obsessed. I love cereal, I think it’s a very important food group and I take my cereal choices very seriously (as should everyone). The Original Power O’s from Love Grown Cereals are the love of my life. What’s cool about this cereal is that it’s made from beans! They have an awesome taste and are super crunchy. I’ve had them for only a couple of days and only have a tiny bit left. I’m definitely picking up multiple boxes tomorrow and also really want to try the Strawberry Power O’s and Blueberry Vanilla Polar Puffs! All these cereals are also vegan, except for the Honey Power O’s which is awesome! They also don’t have any weird ingredients which I am all about.power o'd

musicI’m not kidding when I say I listen to this song every single day. I saw Jidenna perform this at the BET Awards and ever since I was sooo hooked. Little Bit More is the perfect summer song and I couldn’t think of a better choice for this favorites post. It makes me want to get up and dance every single time. I don’t think I’m going to get tired of it any time soon!

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