Virginia Vibes

I’ve been off my blogging game because I was on vacation and kind of just wanted to disconnect. My family and I went to Williamsburg, Virginia and had an awesome time! We went to Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens,  and Virginia Beach among many other places. Although I was typically lounging around in comfy clothes or a bathing suit, there were two simple outfits I wanted to share with you guys in this post!


Like I mentioned, we hit up Virginia Beach on one of the days of our vacation, and although the beach is my favorite place and I always love watching the waves, this beach was not a fave. I ended up not getting in the water and instead just decided to sunbathe!


Both the looks in this post involve a dress which I think is the perfect thing to take on vacation! It’s easy to just throw on and you always look put together.


After sitting on the beach for a little while we decided to walk around town so we didn’t waste a long drive! There was so many colorful buildings that I was obsessed with!


Dress: RomweShoes: Target | Sunglasses: Forever 21


I remember going to Colonial Williamsburg when I was in middle school for a trip once and I was so happy to go again since I didn’t remember much! It was super hot that day so I wanted something light and airy. I’m obsessed with color and it wasn’t until earlier this year that it dawned on me that I barley owned any colorful clothing. I just thought, why don’t I wear more color when it makes me so happy? So ever since I’ve been inspired to wear so much more of it.


I loved going to Williamsburg and seeing all the history! It’s always so interesting to see the difference between the way things once were and how they are now!


Dress: Forever 21 | Floral Blouse: Thrifted | Shoes: Kohl’s

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