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Nice To Meet You

This post is brought to you by my love of getting to know people and my love of making lists. I figured it was about time I made a fun little post about myself so you can all know more about the person behind the blog posts. I want this to make our relationship a bit more personal since this blog is a representation of me and the things I’m passionate about.Besides, I think we’re all a bit nosy.

I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life! Hopefully one day that changes to California or Hawaii… or both, I’m not picky.


When I was four, I broke my arm. No cool story here, I just fell off the monkey bars.

My star sign is a Leo, my moon sign is a Gemini, and my rising sign is a Capricorn.

My favorite holiday is Halloween. I wouldn’t say no to living in Halloweentown.

There is nowhere in the world I would rather be than the beach. It’s my favorite place.

I’ve never been in a relationship!

Then again… I’ve only ever liked three people in my life

I’m only 5’2. With dreams of being 5’8…

I’m allergic to apples, pears, cherries, peaches, almonds, pistachios, and kiwis. And yes, I did find out the hard way.

My favorite movie of all time is The Parent Trap. I can’t even count how many times I’ve watched it.

My favorite Disney character is Stitch!

My favorite color is green, although yellow is an extremely close second.

I used to swim, dance, and play softball.

Before I wanted to be a stylist and blogger, I wanted to be an actress. I still love acting, and still want to open my own vegan cafe but you know.

I don’t drink or do drugs. It’s okay to be a straightedge kids.

My favorite animal is a giraffe!





hate tomatoes, pickles, and beets.

My 16th birthday has been one of the best days of my life. I spent the whole day at the beach with my closest friends.

I’m in love with pugs. In the future I WILL have a black pug named Oswald.

I’m a concert junkie. I’ve honestly lost count of how many I’ve been to.

I’m double jointed in my shoulder. So yes, I can bring them all the way around from behind my back and yes, it is gross.

I have a really bad potty mouth. I’m working on it…

I love thrifting. I’d pick it over going to the mall any day.

My favorite show of all time is Full House. I have every season on DVD and have probably seen each episode multiple times.

I LOVE the summertime. It’s my favorite season and I need to live somewhere where it’s warm all year long.

I collect birthday cards. I think they’re my favorite part about birthdays.

I’m terrified of spiders and clowns. I don’t want to talk about it.

Bananas are my favorite fruit. I make banana ice cream almost everyday. It’s a problem.

If I had to pick a car or bike, I would pick a bike. It’s a great form of exercise, and better for the environment!





I’m not very religious, but I am spiritual.

I’ve met Jim Carrey. He’s just about my favorite human being and one of my biggest inspirations.

I hate the color red. I don’t know why, but I can’t deal with it. I don’t own any red clothing, maybe a few burgundy pieces, but never red. I associate a lot of things with color and red doesn’t make me feel good.

My favorite flower is a gerber daisy.

I desperately wish I knew how to surf. I’m determined to learn one day!

I love hiking. It’s one of my favorite things to do in the summer and is always worth it when you have a lovely view.

I always try to see the best in people.

The sun makes me happy. Some people make hate being woken up by the sun in the morning, but it makes me smile instantly. Gloomy days put me in a funk.

I have a really bad habit of cracking my pointer finger on my right hand.  I don’t know why or how I started doing it, but at this point I’m not even aware I’m doing it most of the time.

I used to cry every time I got a haircut. Which is pretty ironic since I have short hair now and i’m obsessed.

I’ve been vegan for a year and 4 months. I went vegan on March 31, 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I hate scary movies. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I watched one. They make me super paranoid.

I can’t sleep unless everything in my room is a certain way. It’ll drive me crazy if a drawer isn’t closed all the way or a chair isn’t straight.

I can’t do anything without my planner. I literally use one all year long, not just for school.

I can’t fall asleep without the TV on. Which is funny, because I never turn my TV on during the day. But without it on at night, it’s too quiet for me to fall asleep.

In the summertime I’m almost always barefoot. It’s very freeing and there’s something about your bare feet touching the earth that is amazing.

I love photography. I’m always the one that has a camera at all times.





I love working out. Yes, I’m one of those weird people that actually loves doing it. Eating so many energizing whole foods makes me want to move my body and break a sweat.

I stabbed myself with a pencil years ago and I still have a little grey dot on my hand.

I pee way too much. Because you know, vegans stay hydrated.

My favorite song of all time is Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson. I’ll keep why to myself.

sign off


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