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Setting the Scene

Sometimes when I look outside my window and see all the green plants swaying in the breeze, I feel like I’m in a tropical rain forest. Sometimes when I chop up some ripe, fresh fruit on a warm day, I feel like I’m on a tropical oasis. Sometimes when I put on my satin, pink and white striped pajamas I feel like I’m waking up in a French city, ready to explore.

Even though we can’t always travel wherever we want, whenever we want, it’s still possible to set the scene right from home.


Tropical Paradise

Cut Open a Melon: Every time I slice open a juicy watermelon for breakfast, I automatically feel like I’m by the beach.

Go to the Beach: If you have a car, get in it and make your way down the shore with friends. You don’t need the Caribbean when you’ve got a beach and great people!

Sun Bathe: If you want that tropical vacation glow, lather up in coconut oil and lay out in your backyard or on the beach.

Play Tropical Tunes: Every time I’m on the beach or by the pool, there’s nothing I love more than playing some Bob Marley, The Beach Boys, or anything else in that realm.


Parisian Dream

Put on a Classy Outfit: Parisians are always stylish and classy. If you’re at home, put on a lovely slip dress and prance around in your little Paris.

Go to a Cafe: Order yourself a lovely latte or a cup of warm tea in a cute little cafe and enjoy the atmosphere. Work on something while you’re there or journal and listen to the music that’s playing!

Play Some Music: Put your record player to work and add to the Parisian vintage feel.

Watch a Romantic Movie: After all Paris is the city of romance! Whether it’s your favorite chick flick or a true french movie with subtitles, it’ll definitely help set the mood. You can also read some lovely poems or books.


Into the Woods

Crank up the Coolness: If beaches and European cities aren’t your thing, pretend you’re in a forest, possibly camping or staying in a cabin. Cooling down the temperature in your house will make it easier for you to get cozy with some blankets and sweaters.

Start a Bonfire: If you have a bonfire pit in your backyard then that’s perfect! You can even start a fire in your fireplace, or just find a video of a fire on your laptop to set the mood.

Make Campfire Food: Roast some s’mores (with vegan marshmallows of course!) over a fire or even over the stove. You can also throw some potatoes and corn on the cob over the fire to have some typical fire roasted foods.

Drive Down to the Lake: Instead of heading to the beach, go down to the lake to add to the woodsy feel.

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