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Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is probably my favorite app and I love being able to express myself in an artistic way. There’s tons of accounts that I love, mostly involving fashion or food. Here are a few that I  think deserve a follow!


Honestly what a queen. Ellen is a fully raw vegan most of the time and lives in Hawaii with her family. I love her Instagram because of the obvious vegan goods and also because she has the cutest kids ever!



Will Taylor is the man behind brightbazaar and I am obsessed with his feed. All the bright colors are amazing and we all know how much I love color. No wonder he has an interior design book!


A blogger with a killer feed, I just think Bri’s photos are so lovely and make me wanna live my best life.


If you know anything about me then you know my immense love for pugs and Doug is no exception. Honestly, if you’re not following this account then you’re really not doing Instagram correctly.


Another account with amazing color and inspiration! I love Kelly Mindell’s Instagram as well as her blog which has a whole bunch of awesome DIY’s.


Arden has been one of my favorite YouTubers for a while and honestly, I am in love with her and her Instagram. I lover her vibe, her style, and her personality. She is a gem.


One, among many, of the vegans I love! Izzy seems like such a great person and I love her photos because I feel like we eat very similarly so they give me a lot of inspiration!


I might be biased here since Meghan has a similar feed to mind, but I LOVE her feed. It’s so simplistic and white and I dig it.


I really have no clue how I stumbled upon this Instagram account but I love it. Angelica makes puns and jokes usually involving high fashion in these little doodles; I find them so amusing.


Elsie and Emma have a beautiful lifestyle blog and a beautiful Instagram account to go along with it. As you can tell I really like color.


by CHLOE is a vegan restaurant in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles that I really have to go to!! Anyway, I love their Instagram account so much, it’s always so aesthetically pleasing.

Comment and let me know some of your favorite accounts!

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