June Favorites

It’s officially summer and I am officially happier than ever. Here are all the things that made my senses happy this month.fashionThis month I have been obsessed with sunnies! I was always obsessed with sunglasses and I feel like I buy at least one new pair every year, but I never wear them! This year I think I’m finally starting to get into them and they are the perfect accessory.


makeupAlthough I haven’t welcomed any new products into my makeup routine, I have been obsessed with taking the extra time to accomplish a new look. I might not have freckles but I sure wish I did! I’m obsessed with using brown eyeliner to get that freckled look, especially in the summer time!


foodAh yes, my favorite thing in the world, food. You guys, it’s finally mango season! I have been mango crazy this month and nothing makes me happier than cutting open a mango and seeing how beautifully ripe and soft it is. I’ve also been loving squeezing a little bit of lime on my mango!


youtubeIf you know me then you know my love for YouTube. Some people love watching TV, I love watching YouTube videos. I have been loving Sarah Baska’s YouTube videos so much lately. She’s hilarious and I’m obsessed with her personality, definitely check out her channel.


placeOne of my favorite things about the summer time is getting to go to farms. I love being able to pick my own fruits and veggies because I swear they’re so much more delicious! I recently went strawberry picking and the berries had such a beautiful and strong aroma, they made my whole house smell delicious!


musicMy music favorite kind of surprised me this month. Although I’m not an avid Ariana Grande fan, her song ‘Into You’ has been a total fave of mine this month! Whether I’m working out, getting ready to go out, or blasting it in the car, this song is such a BOP!

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