How to be a Better You

Sometimes the grey skies diminish the light in our hearts. Sometimes we can’t think of anything nice to say. Sometimes bad things happen around us and we can’t control them; but we can choose how we react. When you’re in a funk and you have been for a long time, it can be very difficult to get out of it but it’s important to take care of yourself! There are tons of little things that can slowly make you happier, healthier, and an overall better you!


Practicing gratitude daily has been proven to increase ones happiness! When you wake up every morning take the time to write down, or just think of, five things that you’re grateful for! Whether it’s your family, or how sweet the strawberry you had yesterday was, there is always something to be grateful for.

go vegan

Even if just for a week, take on that plant-based diet! Not only will you be eating the best way that you can, but you’ll also be helping tons of cute critters and the environment. Who knows, maybe after the week, you’ll feel so great you’ll stick to it!


This is something I find very important. I write my friends letters telling them how much they mean to me and send them little texts every once in a while just as a reminder that they’re awesome and I love them. I guarantee that no matter what a random message like that will make someone smile! We all love feeling loved so why not spread more of it!


At strangers, at your family, and even at yourself in the mirror! Show those pearly whites and spread the joy just by turning up the corners of your lips. When you walk past someone on the sidewalk it’s always better to be the person that smiled than the person that didn’t smile back.


Instead of being stuck inside all day, go outside! Take your lunch and eat it under the sun in your backyard. Go on a hike with your best friends, or take a spontaneous ride down to the beach! Nature is beautiful and deserves to be appreciated. Allow  your body to soak up the sunshine and your lungs to breathe in the fresh air.

write a letter

A love letter. Instead of writing to a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or family member, write to yourself. Tell yourself how great you are, tell yourself all the things you love about yourself, tell yourself you loved that time when you woke up early last week and got to make yourself a delicious smoothie. Don’t forget about yourself, you’re important too.

au naturel

Let your face breathe and go makeup free. Maybe for a day, or two, or even a week! Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup, I think it’s so fun, and it makes me so happy. I wear makeup almost every time I leave the house, but for a little while I lost the love I had for my bare face and had to find it again. Sometimes it’s important to just ditch the face paint until you can look in the mirror and think “Hey, I don’t look like death, I’m actually pretty cute.”

learn something

Give yourself the gift of learning something new! Whether you’ve always wanted to try that one recipe, learn about that one topic, or how to do that one dance move, you owe it to yourself to learn! Knowledge is an amazing thing, and learning new things never gets old.


For one day, just one, say only positive things. Not one negative thing is to come out of your mouth. You’d be amazed at how different you’ll feel by the end of the day. Continue to do this every few days until it feels like second nature and you’ll feel so much lighter and happier!

be local

Support your local cafes, boutiques, and farmer’s markets. Your dollar is your vote, and there are so many amazing things to purchase in your area. Make sure to go look at those fresh fruits at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, and visit that small bookstore that looks incredibly captivating.

sign off



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