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Beach Day

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The sun rays find their way through the shutters to make my eyes flutter open. The air conditioner is silently buzzing and the subtle smell of ocean air meets my nose. After a quick full body stretch I throw off the covers and walk over to the kitchen to chug a large, refreshing jar of lemon water. A friend joins me shortly at the sunlit dining table where we crack open a large juicy watermelon and break it in half to share. With our messy sun bleached bed heads and bright bikinis we race down to the warm sand and make the trek to the glistening waves. Children build sandcastles and teenagers wax their surfboards as we jump into the water where we become one with the ocean, moving up and down in the restless waves. A few hours on the beach pass and our watermelon filled bellies feel empty, motivating us to make our way back to our beach pad. Cracking open young Thai coconuts and using their content to create smoothie bowls we put our blender to work and take our sweet lunches to the pool side. As our smoothie bowls melt and our skin gets warm, the empty pool appears to be a heavenly oasis. Rinsing our sun-kissed skin and salty lips in the water, we float on our backs as we think of all the blissful beach days to come.


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