3 Summer Breakfast Ideas

I love breakfast. There is nothing more that I love than breakfast. It is not only the most important meal of the day but also the most exciting in my opinion. Being a high-carb vegan, I love that I can eat so many yummy foods in abundance and feel my best. One of the ways I love doing this is my starting my days with tons of hydration. After having my liter of lemon water after waking up, I continue the trend with a fruit filled breakfast. These are my three favorite things to have in the morning that are sure to leave you full of energy and happiness!


The simplest and most hydrating breakfast you could have is melon! In the summertime this is my favorite thing to have and all I do is cut a melon in half and start digging in with a spoon! I also love scooping the melon into a blender and blending it with a little bit of water and ice to make a slushie like consistency. Lately my favorite melon has been honeydew; I hadn’t had it for years and I finally bought it again this summer and my life changed.


If you have a juicer put that baby to work! You can pretty much juice any fruits and veggies you please to create the juice of your choice, but here are some of my favorite combinations:

orange, strawberry, celery

pineapple, grape, cucumber

carrot, orange, romaine, spinach

Super hydrating and filled with nutrients!

smoothie bowl2

I literally have these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometimes. I’m a smoothies bowl fanatic and can’t get enough of my ‘nice’ cream! The possibilities are endless when it comes to smoothie bowls, but here’s my favorite:

4 frozen bananas 

1 tbsp raw cacao powder

A little bit of coconut water to help blend

After you’re all done blending it, it’s time for the best part… toppings! Go crazy and become Picasso to get that Instagram worthy smoothie bowl. I love topping mine with peanut butter sauce, unsweetened shredded coconut, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, raspberries, and dates!

So there you have it, carb up this summer and start your day full of energy with these delicious and simple breakfast ideas! I’d love to see your smoothie bowls on Instagram so tag me if you make some (carolinenycek).

sign off


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