How To Help The Ocean

Summer days are upon us and the beach is calling our name. While we’re lying on the sand working on our sun-kissed glow and jumping in the waves with our wind swept salty hair, we need to remember to respect the earth we’re enjoying. The beach and the ocean gives us pleasure and allows us to experience its beauty so in return we have to take care of it and make sure we keep it happy!

save the sharksA lot of our beauty products have squalene as an ingredient which is shark cartilage. Fishermen kill over hundreds of sharks a year which means they’re quickly depleting the ocean of these beautiful creatures, so check your products and make sure you aren’t contributing to the depletion of our oceans.


clean upThere is so much garbage on our beaches and it is literally killing all the amazing marine life in our oceans. When a turtle sees a plastic bottle it might mistake it for food and choke which is something we should work on trying to avoid. Bring reusable water bottles and containers for your snacks when you come to the beach so your don’t leave any trash behind. If you do bring plastic bottles and bags make sure to recycle them! You can also sign up with your friends to clean the beach of all the waste and then enjoy the beauty afterwards!


don't celebrate with balloonsI know it might seem fun to let go of balloons and watch them float away in the distance, but where do you think they go? If you guessed down into the ocean where it becomes a choking hazard to the marine life, then you’re correct. Celebrate with friends, yummy fruits, and flowers instead.


use safe sunscreenYou might be protecting yourself from the harsh sun rays when you get your SPF on, but you’re most likely not protecting the ocean. There are chemicals inside sunscreens that are killing algae found in coral reefs. So go out and get your reef safe sunscreen by brands like Badger or Alba Botanica or a super cute sun hat!


fish are friends not foodThe population of fish all over the world is rapidly depleting because of high demand, loss of habitat, and unsustainable fishing practices. Help our fishy friends by skipping out on that salmon or trout in your next meal and help replenish our oceans populations. Or better yet, go vegan! Watch Cowspiracy to learn about how the vegan diet can help our environment and ocean.


be awareBe responsible when you diving, boating, or surfing in the ocean and be aware of the marine life around you. If you’re diving, don’t latch on to a sea turtle passing by and don’t disturb resting starfish! These are living creatures so they should be treated with respect just like you would want to be.


shop smartlyWhen you see shark tooth necklaces or dried up starfish at your local beach shop, don’t purchase them! I’m sure there are numerous other pieces you can find to remind you of your trip to the beach that don’t involve killing species and taking them from their environments. Also avoid things like coral jewelry and tortoiseshell accessories.


donateMany organizations are working on helping sustain oceans and marine life so you can do your part by volunteering somewhere or donating! Some organizations include Ocean Conservancy, Greenpeace International, One Ocean Diving, and Take 3.


travel responsiblyIf you’re planning on taking a cruise to vacay and relax this summer, do some research to find the most eco-friendly option!


cut your carbon footprintThere are so many ways to help reduce the climate change effects on the ocean. Some include riding your bike instead of starting up your car, switching to eco-friendly light bulbs, and cutting our meat and dairy from your diet!


I hope some you enjoyed this little informative text and remember some of these things when you’re enjoying the beach this summer.

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