Billboard Music Awards 2016 Red Carpet Review

I feel like red carpets are the best part of award shows. This one had fewer looks than most and although it was a bit more casual as far as red carpet looks, there is still much to discuss!

The Best

Aidan Alexander

I think Aidan looks great and we all know how I feel about a well fitted suit so 10/10. I also like the slight detailing on the blazer that adds a bit of texture to the look.

aidan alexander

Britney Spears

Honestly, I feel like only Queen Britney could pull off this look. I think she looks so fierce and fabulous I can’t possibly be mad at this look.


Grace Helbig

I love this look almost as much as I love Grace herself! I am all about blazer romper/dresses and this is no exception. I think the necklace pairs really well with the deep v, and I also love that she wore flats instead of heals for something a little different!

grace helbig

Kate Beckinsale

Honestly when I saw her on my TV screen I couldn’t help but stare. This dress fir her so well and I love me a good white look.


Keke Palmer

Adding some color to the usual nude or black latex looks, Keke Palmer totally rocked this dress. It fit her like a glove and I thought she looked great.


Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren looks amazing at every event she attends so I’m not even surprised she looks this fabulous. Those shoes are killer!

lauren elizabeth

Laverne Cox

Laverne is another person that always looks gorgeous!


Lucy Hale

I thought this was very cute and very her style!


Rachel Platten

I am a fan of the stripe and think Rachel did them justice in this look.

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

Shawn Mendes

I really think Shawn has found his red carpet style which I appreciate because he always looks so nice!


Troy Sivan

It might be because I think Troye Sivan is the cutest thing ever and have a bit of a biased opinion, but I’m really digging this look and how different it is from what we might usually see a guy wear on the carpet.

troye sivan

Wiz Kahlifa

I truly think Wiz does fashion well, and I almost always love his looks.

wiz khalifa


WHAT A QUEEN. She slayed me with this, I am speechless.


The In-Between


Now, it’s no secret that Ciara can make just about anything look good, and she always serves such looks, but this just kind of looked like someone put a whole bunch of aluminum together and threw it over her so I’m torn.


Demi Lovato

This could have been such a look without that tweed blazer and fingerless gloves.

Demi Lovato

Jessica Alba

I love this dress but it was just styled so poorly.


Kelly Rowland

I think Kelly looks really nice but I feel like I’ve seen this style of gown so many times already on red carpets and I also think she could have done something else with her hair.


Meghan Trainor

Meghan never really looks bad, but she’s practically wearing the same thing on every read carpet except sometimes it’s a little shorter or has a few more sequins. I need change!


Tove Lo

This is the first time Tove Lo didn’t wearing something I absolutely hated so…

tove lo

The Worst

Ariana Grande

I feel like a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one but I honestly wasn’t a fan. There’s something about the dress that throws me off, and Ariana literally always looks the same to me.

ariana grande

Fifth Harmony

Someone please get these poor girls a new stylist. They always look like they’re wearing something off of the prom clearance rack.

fifth harmony


Kesha has worn some stunning things in the passed and this was underwhelming for me and I really didn’t like the shoes.


Lauren Giraldo

I’m all for wigs and changing up your look but I feel like this wig just really looks like a wig, do you get what I’m saying? This look overall just wasn’t my favorite.

lauren giraldo

Nick Jonas

I was just confused when I saw this. Nick looks like he was trying on two different outfits and left the top of one and the bottom of the other.


Piryanka Chopra

Such a boring look and that one hooked leather strap is weird.



Rihanna usually is a jaw dropper on the red carpet but this is just not one of those looks.


Trevor Moran

Too much going on here.

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

So what did you guys think about this red carpet? There weren’t any looks that blew me away although I think my best dressed would have to go to Zendaya. As for the worst I think I’d have to give that to Trevor Moran.

xoxo, Caroline


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