April Favorites

I had a bit of a mental block with this months favorites since I haven’t really gotten too many new things this month but after really thinking about it I think I’ve gathered a pretty solid group of gems.

Fashion Favorite: Rainbow Summer Dress 

I haven’t worn it yet but I ordered the most beautiful dress this month and it’s officially my new favorite item of clothing. I’ve been trying to buy more color since my wardrobe is a lot of black, white, and neutrals with the occasional denim. What better way to do that than buy a dress that has every color in it. I love it so much because it reminds me of all the chakras and I can already see myself living in this dress all summer. You’ll get a more detailed view of it in a haul I’m uploading soon! I got it at Zaful which I’ve been loving lately for cute clothing for a low price; the quality of everything I’ve bought is also really good!



Beauty Favorite: Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Since I’ve been getting rid of all my makeup that participates in animal testing, I finally purchased this cruelty free mascara and I am loving it! It definitely meets all the hype and praise it gets. There’s a lot of cruelty free drugstore mascara that’s a lot cheaper but I personally haven’t been able to find one that gives me the look I want so I really don’t regret splurging on this!

too faced mascara

Better Than Sex Mascara

Netflix Favorite: Gilmore Girls

I know I’m a bit late to the party but I am hooked on Gilmore Girls. I remember when I was younger I always thought it looked boring and something a mom would watch, but after hearing they were rebooting the show, I thought, hmm maybe I should give it a try. This show is incredible.

gilmore girls

Music Favorite: (Girl We Got A) Good Thing-Weezer

Weezer’s new album is great and it’s been getting me in the mood for summer vacation. This is the first song I heard off of their new album and I was hooked. When I listen to it my mind floods with calming shades of blue and I just see myself cruising down a highway to the beach with my friends.

xoxo, Caroline



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