Things to be Happy About Pt. 8

It’s my favorite time of month again! I honestly look forward to writing this post so much and have to restrain myself from writing two a month.

1. The smell of freshly baked treats

I absolutely love the smell of baked goods which is probably why most of my candles fall under the smells-like-baked-goods category. Although I don’t have time to bake often, I love doing it and the way the aroma fills the whole house makes me so happy.

freshly baked goods

2. A cold shower on a hot day

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely one of those people that takes such hot showers you wonder how I haven’t burned myself alive yet, but even I have a soft spot for a cold shower in my heart. When it gets all musty and hot during the summer and it seems almost impossible to feel refreshed I love getting under some cool water.

cold shower

3. Handwritten letters

Anyone that knows me knows that I love writing people letters. My friends receive handwritten letters on their birthday and on Christmas all the time! There’s just something so special about a handwritten letter that gives it a little more meaning and makes it more personal. It makes me happy just writing them, but receiving them makes me even happier.


4. A book you can’t put down

I read all the time and I’m constantly flying through books since I read on the train on my way to and back from the city. Sometimes you get one of those books that you get through in a day or two because it just gets your hooked that hard! I think those are the best books and those are the books that make my soul the happiest.

good book

5. That smell that let’s you know you’re by the beach

My favorite place in the whole entire world is the beach, and the minute I step out of my car when I go down the shore and take a big whiff, my smile grows immensely. To me it smells like home and gives me one of the most comfortable feelings in the world.


6. Finally liking a food that you never did before

I don’t know why this brings me joy, but it does. I remember when I was younger I thought it was so cool and trendy to like sushi but I hated it so much. I honestly couldn’t get down on piece without wanting to gag. Of course, since I wanted to be one of those people that loves sushi I kept trying it until finally one day I liked it! Now I love sushi so much and it makes me so happy. Still can’t handle tomatoes or pickles though…


7. Fragrant strawberries

The first thing my mom and I do when we buy strawberries is pick them up and smell them. The minute that strawberry sweet smell tickles my nose, I know I have to buy them. This is one of the reasons I love going to pick my own strawberries, not only do they themselves smell amazing but they’ll have your kitchen smelling berry sweet too!


8. Maple Syrup

I mean what a blessing, honestly. I’m not talking about that processed maple syrup with all the things added to it that don’t make sense, no. I’m talking about 100% pure maple syrup that is so sweet and delicious and just makes anything taste like magic.

maple syrup

9. The smell of fresh lime

I like using lime to dress my food and also on some of my fruit, but what I like even more is the smell it leaves behind on my hands. There’s something about the smell of fresh lime that makes me so happy.

fresh lime

10. Mornings

Becoming a morning person is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m so grateful for mornings and waking up to the sun on my face. I love making the most out of my mornings and having a delicious breakfast and getting a workout in. Mornings are the best.


Let me know in the comments if you guys want me to continue making these, I personally love them!

xoxo, Caroline


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