March Favorites

This one snuck up on me you guys, I wasn’t ready! When I saw it was April 1st today I literally gasped as I remembered that I hadn’t done my monthly favorites for March yet. I didn’t have that many this month, but the ones I do have were greatly loved!

Fashion Favorite: Mom Jeans

I mean I’ve been rocking mom jeans for months now, but this month especially. I really need to expand my collection and pick up some funky colors. Don’t get me wrong, I love my classic light-wash denim, but I definitely need all the colors and shades I can get my hands on. They’re just so comfy, and honestly more flattering than you would think!

mom jeans

MOTO Mid-Blue Mom Jeans

Beauty Favorite: Warm Smokey Eye

This month’s beauty favorite isn’t a product, but instead a look. Warm smokey eyes have been my go-to look this month when I’m doing a full face of makeup. They’re so easy and look like you tried super hard. I especially love the warm smokey eye because the warm colors complement my green eyes and the look is a bit more toned down than a classic smokey eye which I like a lot!

warm smokey eye

Show Favorite: Jane the Virgin

I felt like a piece of me was lost after I finished Gossip Girl for the second time and I just didn’t know which Netflix show to go after next. I decided to give Jane the Virgin a try after hearing good things about it and you guys, I WAS HOOKED. Honestly when I finished the first season I was searching all over the internet to find some way to catch up with the second season but alas, no luck. They better hurry and put the second season on Netflix because I need fabulous hotel aesthetic, cute baby daddies, and ridiculous drama back in my life.

jane the virign

Music Favorite: Never Be Like You ft. Kai – Flume

The amount of times I have played this song this month is uncountable. IT IS SUCH A BOP. It really gets me going and I think it’s such a good song to have on your spring playlist. If you haven’t heard this song yet, definitely check it out, I’m positive you’ll be hooked!

xoxo, Caroline


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