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Healing Stones 101

Something that I strongly believe in is the use of crystals, also known as healing stones,  to help in providing you with the energy you need. Different crystals have different properties that help release any mental, physical, or spiritual blocking. The crystals help in getting the thoughts of your consciousness connect with your body. I love using mine to meditate and also like carrying them around with me depending on what kind of energy I feel like I need that day. I decided I would give you guys a list of some of my favorites to maybe get you started on your own collection!


These beauties are great for stress relief and also good to have around if you have trouble sleeping. Amethysts are crystals of spiritual growth and protection. They repel negative energy and attract positive energy so they are great to have in your home. These stones are also great for clarity of the mind and help you get more in tune with your emotions.



Although a great name for a mermaid, this stone is far more than that! It clears the mind and helps balance your emotions whenever you might be feeling uneasy or struggle with anxiety.


Rainbow Moonstone

If you’re someone that tends to look at the negative side if things, this stone is great for you. It promotes optimism and vitality while helping you find inner peace.

rainbow moonstone

Clear Quartz

A classic stone that should be a part of everyone’s collection is great for clearing, healing, and cleansing your body and mind.

clear quartz

Peacock Copper

I will admit, this is one of my favorites simply because of how beautiful it is, but it’s also a great stone to help with grounding and also helps in conducting and enhancing energy of other stones.

peacock copper

Cat Eye

I’m not quite sure where this one gets it’s name, but if you have a big test coming up or an interview coming up, keep this little guy by your side. Cat’s Eye’s bring luck while also providing us with awareness, happiness, and serenity.

cat eye


Another beautiful stone, this one really helps open and activate your heart chakra. It really helps you love from the heart and promotes compassion which is something a lot of people need these days!



The best was to describe this crystals is just pure happiness. It holds no negative energy so it never needs to be cleansed! It helps with your imagination and creativity while also helping you manifest whatever you like into your life!



A very unique and powerful stone that helps protect the body from being drained of energy and also expels any negative energy or depression. It helps calm your fears as well making you feel more secure.



If you want the cash to roll in, then get yourself some Pyrite! This stone is the symbol of money and good luck.


Rose Quartz

Another popular stone and for good reason! This is hands down the most important stone for your heart chakra promoting all types of love whether it be self love, romantic love, or family love. It can release anger and jealously while also relieving the heart of tension. If you’re just not feeling yourself, give this little guy some lovin’ and it’ll quite literally give you some back.

rose quartz

I would love to go through my whole collection and more for you guys, but I think this is a great start! If you’ve ever been interested in crystals and all their properties I really recommend looking into and reading up.

xoxo, Caroline




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