Things to be Happy About Pt. 7

After having a really rough day yesterday, there was nothing more I was looking forward to than writing this post and reminding myself that things get better, and everything’s going to be okay! I really hope you guys are enjoying these, because I could really go on and on with these! I like that they’re a little monthly thing we can all use to brighten up our spirits a bit!

1. Pajama sets

I sleep in random t-shirts and shorts just like most people do too, but there’s something about matching pajama sets that makes me so happy. I’ve really been reaching for them more often than just any old t-shirt. Why not wear something that makes you happy to bed right?

pajama set

2. Eave’s dropping on peoples conversations and pretending you’re a part of them

I find myself doing this on the train sometimes and it can actually be very entertaining. If you’re ever alone and trying to pass time sit near people that are talking and you’re bound to hear a ridiculous conversation eventually!


3. French music

There’s something about the French language and French music that makes my heart light up. I love how delicate certain French songs sound. They make me feel like I should be dancing around my room in a slip dress and feather boa.


4. Wildflowers

You know that random field of colorful flowers you see every once in a while when driving on the highway in the summer or spring? Yeah those instantly make me smile.


5. Babies with chubby cheeks

There is just something about those cheeks that makes you want to squeal with joy.


6. Getting a whiff of someone’s amazing perfume as they walk by

I literally love when this happens. I don’t know why but when someone walks by and their amazing scent lingers I just get so happy.


7. Collecting shells from the beach

I spend a lot of time down the shore and when I was younger I used to always try and find as much shells as I could. Now every time I go to a beach, I make sure to take one shell with me to put in a jar that I keep in my room.


8. Baked grapefruit topped with coconut sugar

Sound weird? Wait till you try it and salivate uncontrollably. Cut your grapefruit in half and bake it until it’s a bit brown on top before topping it with coconut or brown sugar and watching it melt into the fruit. A healthy and delicious snack or dessert!

baked grapefruit

9. Summer dresses

I love dresses because they look like you tried even though you basically just threw on one item of clothing. Summer dresses make me feel very feminine and I love playing with colors. They brighten my mood immediately and make me want to twirl under the sun forever.

summer dresses

10. When the weather starts to get warm in NYC

Okay I guess you can’t really relate to this one unless you live in the city or go there regularly, but I’m telling you there really is nothing better. New York becomes a completely different world when the weather starts to warm up! You’ll see tons of people outside and everyone looks so happy after getting through winter, it’s insane! It’s the one thing that lightens up the day a bit when I’m heading to my least favorite class.

summer in nyc

I’d love to hear some little things that make you guys happy, leave them in the comments below!!


xoxo, Caroline


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