Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

When going vegan, I know there can be worries of where you can buy makeup from. Even though some of your favorites might not be kind to our animal friends, there are tons of makeup brands that are cruelty free! I decided I would fill you guys in on some of my favorites. I use other cruelty makeup brands that aren’t on the list I’ve put together, but here are some of my overall favorites that I think you’ll love too!


If you haven’t heard me talk about Colourpop enough, here’s some more praise! I absolutely love this brand and find myself buying things from them every couple of weeks, it’s becoming a problem. All of their lip products have AMAZING formulas, and I’m also a huge fan of their eye products as well. Everything from Colourpop is super pigmented and just amazing, not to mention it’s super affordable!



I find myself reaching towards my Tarte eye shadow palettes all the time and love the Amazonian Clay Foundation! They have some fabulous products that I know a lot of people including myself are obsessed with.



A drugstore brand with great products! My favorite things from NYX are their lip products although I use a number of their other products as well.



I’m telling you right now you need to go out and buy their baked blush in Luminoso, it will change your life for the better. Super affordable and Milani has tons of beautiful and pigmented cheek and eye shadow shades.


Urban Decay

Everyone loves a good Urban Decay Naked Palette, I myself included. Other than the Naked Palettes, I love their setting pray, eye shadow primer, and other eye shadows as well!

urban decay


Everyone loves some good fake lashes, and I thanked the universe when I discovered these were cruelty free. Their super affordable and awesome lashes that I used before I went vegan so I was so happy when I didn’t have to say goodbye to them!



This is literally the cheapest makeup brand I have ever found, and yet their products do not feel cheap. I think theirs gems in each of their makeup categories, and I also definitely recommend their makeup brushes!


it Cosmetics

it Cosmetics not only has great makeup products, they also have great skincare products! A little higher in price, but definitely worth it.

it cosmetics

Kat Von D

Amazing brand for pigment and full coverage. I love Kat’s contour products and I think she’s created some awesome lip and eye shades! I haven’t tried it yet, but I also know people rave about the eyeliner from this brand.

kat von d

Makeup Geek

SO. MANY. EYE. SHADOWS. Seriously you guys, at makeup geek you can buy individual colors and build your own palette which is awesome! They’re amazingly pigmented and there’s something for everyone.

makeup geek

Too Faced

And last but definitely not least, just about everything Too Faced has to offer makes me happy. The Better Than Sex Mascara, some of their products smell like chocolate, and the packaging is super cut; really what more could you ask for?


Like I said these are just a few awesome cruelty free makeup brands, but you can just search them up to find a whole list of the tons of brands that don’t harm those fluffy fellows!

xoxo, Caroline


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