2016 Oscar’s Red Carpet Review

Ahh, the Oscar’s; an event where high hopes are set for fashion. Chris Rock did an amazing job hosting, Leo FINALLY won an Oscar, and Stacey Dash thought she was relevant. But of course we can’t forget to talk about some of the amazing gowns that were on the red carpet and also some of the not so amazing gowns.

The Best

Cate Blanchett

We all know Cate always wears works of art and this is no exception! When I saw this I thought it looked so magical and I think she looks stunning.

cate blanchett

Charlize Theron

This dress looks amazing and sexy on her. I also love the diamonds that go down the v-cut in her dress.

charlize theron

Chrissy Tiegan

Okay queen of maternity looks!!! Chrissy is one of my favorites to watch on the red carpet and she looks fabulous.

chrissy teigen

Eddie Redmayne

One of my favorite guys when it comes to fashion and he really killed it again!

eddie redmayne

Jennifer Garner

This isn’t something I can see myself usually liking, but Jennifer looks so amazing in this gown, I was breathless when I first saw her.

jennifer garner

Lady Gaga

Gaga has been slaying the red carpet lately! I loved this super classy look that was basically like the mullet of dresses/pantsuits.

lady gaga

Margot Robbie

Margot is so underrated. She’s so beautiful, an amazing actress, and has great style! She looks like an Oscar herself in this gown!

margot robbie

Olivia Munn

I love the simplicity of this gown and I think it looks great on Olivia. Orange is also one of my favorite colors so maybe I’m a little biased but she really looks amazing.

olivia munn

Piryanka Chopra

Not only is this gown absolutely stunning, it also looks amazing on Piryanka! I love the detail on this gown.

pritanka chopra

Rachel Mcadams

One of my favorite looks of Rachel’s that I’ve seen so far for sure! I love how it looks almost like a slip dress and this color is unbelievable!

rachel mcadams

Rooney Mara

Sticking to her signature style but looking exquisite while doing so!

rooney mara

Ryan Seacrest

One again Ryan is wearing his own line and is totally rocking it! His suit is fitted to perfection and I love the gray color.

ryan seacrest

Sam Smith

I am still not over how amazing Sam Smith looks. He’s changed so much and his style is great! Another well fitted suit I very much appreciate.

sam smith

Saoirse Ronan

I’m obsessed with this whole look. I love the gown, I love the color of the gown, I love the simple hair, and I love the makeup. Saoirse looks so effortlessly beautiful.

saoirse ronan

Tracey Edmonds

When I saw this I literally screamed. This gown is so beautiful and it looks like it was made to fit her perfectly.

tracey edmonds

The In-Between

Brie Larson

I’m usually a fan of Brie’s looks, and I think she does look lovely but it’s not my favorite. I love the color, but I’m not too crazy about the texture at the bottom of the gown.

brie larson

Daisy Ridley

I think this gown would have looks perfect if it was longer.

daisy ridley

Emily Blunt

I think this maternity look is very cute for Emily, but when you have a look like Chrissy Tiegan’s to compare it to there’s really no match.

emily blunt

Jennifer Lawrence

Not so crazy about the dress but I’m all about her hair, makeup, and accessories.

jennifer lawrence

Kerry Washington

This is one of those I don’t hate it but I don’t love it looks for me.

kerry washington

Maria Menounos

I think this gown is nice and fits her very well. but there’s something about the design that’s throwing me off.

maria menounos

Naomi Watts

Not a huge fan of this gown but I think Naomi looks lovely in it!

naomi watts

Olivia Wilde

As much as I love Olivia’s style and as hot as she looks in just about everything, I just couldn’t get myself to put this in the best dressed category. The dress just reminds me too much of overalls from the front.

olivia wilde

Tina Fey

Maybe it’s because I’m not that about purple, or maybe because it’s because this dress is too simple for me; but regardless of that it looks great on Tina!

tina fey

The Worst

Alicia Vikander

I don’t know if I’m being too harsh or not by putting Alicia on the worst dressed list, but this Princess Belle look really is a bit overkill for me. Literally everything about this makes her look like she’s cosplaying Belle, even her hair!

alicia vikander

Heidi Klum

Very ethereal and probably great for an editorial, but I just feel like I’m looking at my fairy godmother.

heidi klum

Jared Leto

The pairing of this suit with those shoes is completely throwing me off.

jared leto

Kate Winslet

How weird does this gown look? Like I can’t tell if it looks like they wrapped a garbage bag around her or what.

kate winslet

Leonardo Dicaprio

You would think by now Leo would know how to pick a decent suit.

leonardo dicaprio

Reese Witherspoon

This dress is just not flattering at all!

reese witherspoon

Sofia Vergara

Definitely something different than what we’re used to Sofia wearing and I can’t say I’m a fan of it. I think there’s too much material going on and it looks kind of frumpy.

So what’d we think about this red carpet? Under whelmed, over whelmed? Leave a comment telling me your best and worst dressed. My best would have to be Saoirse Ronan and my worst goes to Kate Winslet.


xoxo, Caroline



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