2016 Grammy’s Red Carpet Review

Award season is really a blessing when it comes to someone who loves looking at red carpet style. The Grammy’s is one of my favorite award shows when it comes to fashion and I look forward to it every year! I was so happy this year because there were so many well dressed males! I’d say it’s usually the gals that rock the carpet, but this time I think the boys had a fair shot in taking the trophy.

The Best


I missed seeing Adele on the red carpet and as usual she looks ever so elegant! I loved all the minor details on the dress and think they added a little something special to a otherwise simple black gown. Adele is truly a queen.


Alessandra Ambrosio

When do super models not look hot? I love everything about this look from the glam, to the dress, and even the shoes! Everything about it makes me want to be Alessandra.

alessandra ambrosio

Bella Hadid

Bella arrived arm in arm with Abel on the red carpet and looked super stunning! I loved her dress and I thought keeping the hair and shoes simple was perfect for this look.

bella hadid

Big Sean

You guys, how handsome did Big Sean look? I loved this black on white look that he made look super effortless! You probably know by this point that there’s nothing more I love than a well fitted suit, and he definitely got it down.

big sean

Charlie Puth

I don’t think I’ve ever disliked something Charlie’s worn on the red carpet. At first glance this might just look like a plain black suit, but look again! The bow-tie and suit are covered in glitter and I’d say this look is perfect for the Grammy’s.

charlie puth

Chrissy Tiegen

Honestly I think Chrissy is the queen of maternity looks! She looks absolutely amazing in this white gown and cape look. I love that the cape has detailing and is sheer instead of being an opaque white cape. The jewelry also goes perfectly with the dress.

chrissy teigen


If this was anyone else I feel like I wouldn’t like it as much but oh my. Who else other than Ciara could rock this look more? She looks flawless and her body is so perfectly toned which is why it lays on her so beautifully.



Another handsome man of the evening, wearing a nice suit with a bit of detailing that adds the nicest of touches!


Ellie Goulding

Honestly when I saw Ellie I gasped. She looked like an angel from head to toe. I adore her light pink gown that had a diamond like draping on the back. Her hair looks so wispy and effortless adding all the more to the whole look.

ellie goulding

Jack Antonoff

What can I say, another very well fitting suit that isn’t just your ordinary black. He looks very, very sharp!

jack antonoff

James Bay

I wasn’t kidding when I told your guys there was a lot of well dressed men on this red carpet; and there’s still more on the way. I liked that James stuck with his signature hat look while still looking very elegant in a velvet blazer and boots.

james bay

John Legend

Along side Chrissy, these two were just an amazingly dressed couple! I love the black on black look here, with the detailing on the blazer to add a little something extra.

john legend

Justin Bieber

I loved Justin’s black on white look and I thought he looked very classy. Slicking his hair back was perfect for the look and can we took about how cute his baby brother Jaxon looked? What a perfect red carpet partner!

justin bieber

Lianne La Hava

I have heard no one talking about this look, and I absolutely adored it! Both the structure and the color of the gown are amazing and it looks so beautiful on Lianne. I like that she went simple with no jewelry because it brought all that attention to the stunning gown.

lianne la hava

Sam Hunt

Sam literally makes my heart skip a beat. This pink suit was such an amazing choice and I’m in love with it. I’m also a big fan of his brown shoes and I just think he looks super handsome!

sam hunt

Sam Smith

Okay can we talk about how much Sam Smith has changed over the years because he looks so great!! Not only that, but his textured suit also looks very nice with the patterned tie. He looks super sharp and of course I’m always grateful for those tailored suits!

sam smith

Selena Gomez

Most of the time the things Selena wears aren’t my favorite, but this gown was absolutely beautiful. I loved the color and I like that she went for big hoop earrings and bouncy curls. Her whole looks is so effortless!

selena gomez

Serayah McNeill

I thought this gown had cut-outs and flowed in all the right places. This color also looks great on her, and the strappy shoes are perfect for this and don’t add too much material to the gown.

serayah mcneill

Taylor Swift

A lot of people have been questioning this look but I honestly think it looked great! I love the simplicity of it, yet there’s something about it that has a wow factor! Also can we talk about this hair due that’s totally serving Anna Wintour vibes?

taylor swift

The In-Between

Anna Kendrick

There wasn’t really anything terrible about this look but I just thought that it was too simple and reminded me of something I saw at my senior prom.

anna kendrick

Ariana Grande

The gown was very lovely and simple but I just wish Ariana would up her glam and change her hair more often so that it would fit the vibe of her looks!

ariana grande

Florence Welch

I didn’t absolutely love this but I feel like it’s very Florence and she looks so ethereal.

florence welch

Kaley Cuoco

She looks very cute and I like the jumpsuit but it didn’t blow me away.

kaley cucoco


I was so excited to see Kehlani on the red carpet for the first time because she’s one of my favorite artists and I was anxiously waiting to see what she would wear. Kehlani looked beautiful and the gown is lovely but I just wanted and expected something a little more!


Lady Gaga

I know you might think I’m crazy for not putting this on the worst dressed list, but I honestly do not hate this custom Marc Jacob gown. I love that she didn’t just keep the whole David Bowie tribute in her red carpet and carried it into the red carpet. The hair, makeup, and shoes are a little extreme but I definitely feel Bowie through this.

lady gaga

Meghan Trainor

Meghan looks lovely but this looks just like something she’s worn before except longer and I’m just ready to see her in something different.

meghan trainor

Tori Kelly

I adore this color and love Tori’s hair but I feel this has a tad bit too much going on.

tori kelly

The Worst

Andra Day

There’s just way too many styles fighting with each other in this look.

andra day

Carrie Underwood

I feel like this scrunching in this gown is more awkward than it is strategic.

carrie underwood

Demi Lovato

This is too, I-had-a-business-meeting-and-was-running-late-to-the-Grammy’s-so-this-is-what-happened for me.

demi lovato




Elle King

Those poor birds.

elle king

Giuliana Rancic

I usually love G’s looks so I was upset when I saw this gown. I think the top is eye catching but the bottom completely throws me off.

giuliana rancic

Janelle Monae

The hat is giving me prisoner vibes, while the outfit is giving me matador vibes, while the clutch looks like a domino.

janelle monae

Kacey Musgraves

I think these colors ombre very nicely together, but maybe more on tapestry or something.

kacey musgraves


I’m convinced some people just do these things to be noticed.


Wiz Kahlifa

Did he shrink this in the wash, or?

wiz kahlifa


She usually slays, and I know this mullet was supposed to be a tribute to David Bowie but this look is a no for me. I feel like the suit is wearing her more than she’s wearing it.



So there we have it folks! What did you think of the red carpet this year? Leave a comment telling me who were your best and worst dressed of the night. My best dressed would have to go to Lianne La Hava while my worst dressed goes to Dencia.


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