Things to be Happy About Pt. 6

I’m so happy that this post is just in time for Valentine’s Day because I feel like it’s a day full of happiness and that’s just what these posts are all about! I truly hope these act as a little reminder for you guys because they definitely does for me when I’m writing them.

1. Clothing straight from the dryer

If you’re someone like me then you’re always cold unless it’s above 70 degrees. Nothing makes me happier than jumping into some freshly washed clothing that’s still warm and cozy; especially pajamas!

fresh clothes

2. Swimming in the rain

Although I usually luck out and get perfect weather when I go down the shore for the week during the summer, there’s always those gloomy days that try to ruin your mood. Next time some rain tries to harsh your mellow just jump into a pool (unless there’s lightning) and don’t let the weather stop you! It’ll be just as fun and the water will even be a little warmer because of the rain drops.

swimming in the rain

3. Vacation

Oh yes, that glorious time of the year. Whether it’s a staycation or you’re on a tropical island, going on vacation has to be one of the best feelings ever. This is your time to just live in the moment, be thankful for everything, and refuse to be stressed.


4. Good hair days

I am a firm believer that having a good hair day has to mean that it’s going to be a good day overall! When I do my hair in the morning and it comes out exactly how I like it, my mood just gets ten times better!

good hair day

5. Cookie Dough

I. Love. Cookie. Dough. If you don’t… well then you’re probably a serial killer and can’t be trusted (just kidding… maybe). I could literally eat cookie dough out of the tub. I don’t do it often but sometimes I get this vegan, gluten-free cookie dough at Whole Foods and just dig in. The best thing about vegan cookie dough is that there’s no eggs in it so you can just eat away without getting sick! I’d say it’s both a curse and a blessing.

cookie dough

6. Walking barefoot

I am one of those people that will literally walk around outside without shoes like it’s nothing; especially in the summer or when I’m down the shore. To me it just feels so freeing and just feeling the earth under your feet is so grounding. There’s just something about it that no pair of shoes could beat.


7. Snow globes

I’ve had this one snow globe in my house for as long as I can remember and I feel like it adds such a magical element to the house during Christmas time. There’s something so soothing and enchanting about snow globes that always puts a smile on my face.

snow globes

8. Splashing in puddles after a summer shower

When I was really little my neighbor’s daughter used to always tell me to come outside after it rained in the summer and she’d jump in the puddles with me barefoot and it would make me so happy! I love doing it even now every once in a while and it just makes me feel so youthful and free.

jumping in puddles

9. Narrow columns of type meant to be read quickly

You know when you’re reading a book or a magazine and there’s that tiny column that you skim through like a speed reader? Yeah those are just about the best.


10. Ball mason jars

I confess that I am an active follower of the mason jar trend. I have them in all different sizes and you can literally use them for everything! I drink out of them, use them as decor, and even storage! They add such a nice little touch to any room and there’s something that makes me so happy drinking out of them as opposed to a regular glass.

mason jars

xoxo, Caroline



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