How to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

I thought I would follow up my last Valentine’s Day post with another before this love filled day! This time we’re focusing on Galentine’s Day and having a fabulous day with all our girlfriends! Instead of just sitting around with each other not sure which episode of Gossip Girl to watch first, here are some other days to have a blast with your gal pals!

1. Have a Gift Exchange

Set a price range and have a gift exchange with your friends! To make it more fun, set a theme for all the gifts to mach the day like All Things Pink or Girl Power!


Babe- Petra Collins

2. Get Arsty

We all know adult coloring books are all the rage right now. I’m definitely guilty of owning a couple! Gather up some of the cutest coloring books you can find and I’m sure you and your girls will have a great time coloring away!

colour me girl crush.jpg

Colour Me Girl Crush

3. Have  a Potluck

Instead of going out to a restaurant, have everyone bring a dish or two and have a feast of your own!


4. Give Each other Make Overs

I know there’s bound to be at least one or two girls that love fashion and beauty! Scour your closet and makeup bag to create some fabulous looks!


5. Have a Spa Night

Spending your paycheck at LUSH will be worth it when you are all feeling relaxed and refreshed.



xoxo, Caroline



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