January Favorites

These months need to really slow down and give me some time to think of my favorites because I tend to be a creature of habit and like to stick to my fare share of all time favorite things! Lo and behold, the month of January is ending in a mere day and I’m excited (as always) to share with you some things that I have been all over this month!

Fashion Favorite: Faux Fur Coats

One of the only reasons I love the colder months is because I get to break out these babies. I love me some good faux fur and think it adds such a statement to any outfit. While you definitely can’t miss a fluffy fur coat, they’re a lot more versatile than you might think! Although I love to pair them with my more glam looks, I also find myself wearing fur coats when I throw something on like jeans and a black t-shirt.


faux fur3

Faux Fur Curl Jacket

Beauty Favorite: Color Correcting

Although, I’ve been using my NYX color correcting palette for quite some time now I’ve been really into it this month especially. Color correcting is great for fixing any discoloration on your face before applying your usual concealer and foundation! My favorite thing to do is to put some of the green color on red spots.

color correcting

NYX Color Correcting Palette

Lifestyle Favorite: Pogo Water Bottle

All my vegan pals out there know how hard it is to find something large enough to hold your smoothies when you’re on the go. I’ve been on the search for a 32 ounce bottle for the longest time ever and I’ve finally found the one! In the past I could only find ones that weren’t spill proof, or had straws (which I don’t like drinking from) so when I saw this little guy I had to buy it right away! So far I’ve had no problems with it and love it so much.


Pogo Tritan Chug


Food Favorite: Juice

Although I’m not for the juice cleanse trend that can be very dangerous and not as healthy as everyone thinks, I do a love a good refreshing juice in the morning! I wasn’t really into juicing until this month and have found myself making juices for breakfast almost every morning! It’s such an easy way to get in a bunch of vitamins and minerals in the morning while being super easy on your digestive system! Forget coffee and start your day with some plant based energy instead!



Music Favorite: Champagne and Pools ft. Blackbear and KYLE-Hoodie Allen

Happy Camper came out later in the month but is definitely something I was waiting for and my expectations were met! I absolutely love this album and definitely think you should check it out! Champagne and Pools is one of my favorite songs on the album but honestly everything on it is great. I can’t wait to hear this music live when I see Hoodie on the Happy Camper tour in March!

champagne and pools

Champagne and Pools ft. Blackbear and KYLE-Hoodie Allen

xoxo, Caroline


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