Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

Ah, the holiday of love. Whether you’re spending it alone, with your best gal pals, or a special someone, there’s no reason not to be happy on this day! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays purely because I think it’s filled with so much happiness and is super cute! I love all the pink everywhere and all my memories from this lovey dovey day are positive. I know sometimes we might be at a loss for ideas when it comes to gift giving which is why I decided to put this list together! Giving people presents is high up there on my list of favorite things to do and I mean… I’d say I’m pretty good at it *dusts off shoulder*. The first and most important thing to do when getting a gift for a parent, significant other, or best friend are to think about that person and what reminds you of them or what they like doing. The gifts that are closest to the heart are the ones that will stand out the most!

The Girls

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The Guys

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Of course getting something shiny every once in a while is nice, but also don’t forget about the simple things that can make someone smile like their favorite flowers, a hand written letter, or a self made dinner! Just keep the person you’re spending Valentine’s Day with in mind when choosing their gift and everything should go seamlessly!

xoxo, Caroline


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