Golden Globes Red Carpet Review

What can I say, the award season is in full swing and here we are with another red carpet. I couldn’t pass this one up because the Golden Globes is definitely one of the red carpets we look forward to the most! There’s a lot of fashion to get through on this one so before I keep rambling on, here are my best, my worst, and my in-between of this red carpet.

The Best

Amber Heard

Red was definitely a popular color on the carpet that night and Amber Heard did it justice! I thought everything about her look flowed effortlessness and she just looked so elegant!

amber heard

Amy Schumer

Head to toe Prabal Gurung and looking more stunning than ever. I think this is one of Amy’s best red carpet looks to date and I love the structure of this gown! I also think the strappy shoes were a perfect touch to the already heavy dress.

amy schumer

Lady Gaga

*cue the YASSS GAGA YASSS KILL IT HONEY* No But seriously, I think Lady Gaga looked absolutely stunning in this Versace gown! I love the sweetheart off the shoulder neckline, and the tiny waist look. Everything about this screams old Hollywood glam and I’m obsessed with it. Also, who noticed that she covered all her tattoos for this shindig??

lady gaga

Amy Adams

Another lady in red, Amy Adams graced the red carpet looking stunning in this more simple approach. I love the neckline of this gown along with the slight detailing on the waist and along the side!

amy adams

Brie Larson

One of my top looks of the night! Brie Larson came dressed to win that Golden Globe! I love this glam look and am also a fan of how the bottom becomes sheer, adding a little extra touch!

brie larson

Jenna Dewan

Let’s forget about Channing and his hair that is reminiscent of all our scene phases and focus on Jenna because mama slayed! This gown is elegant yet sexy with that plunging neckline and I love how the design on the dress looks almost like a huge flower. Jenna is definitely one of my favorites to watch on the red carpet, she always looks amazing!

channing tatu, and jenna dewan

Corinne Foxx

Ms. Golden Globe herself, Corinne was on stage basically the whole time so it’s a good thing she was wearing something beautiful! I adore this ethereal gown and think it’s gorgeous!

corinne foxx

Eddie Redmayne

Eddie has a knack for the red carpet and I very much appreciate it! I love this fitted suit and bow-tie combo along with the slight detail on the blazer; it adds a great touch.

eddie redmayne

Eniko Parrish and Kevin Hart

These two killed it and looked super classy and hot on the red carpet! I love how their looks go together and I’m actually a fan of Kevin’s fancy footwear!

eniko parrish and kevin hart

Gina Rodriguez

Gina took my breath away in this Zac Posen gown! I love, love, love, the structure of this gown and think the color is amazing! Also, it seems dresses with pockets were a big trend on this red carpet!

gina rodriguez

Giuliana Rancic

I always love seeing what G is gonna wear because I feel like she’s one of those people that has found her style and always rocks it. I thought this coral number looked stunning on her and I love the long sleeves, I think that and the cut outs add a really amazing touch to a rather simple gown.



Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada was in emerald from head to toe and I am not mad about it in the slightest. I thought she looked fabulous and was glowing!

jada pinkett

Jane Wu

I felt like this look wasn’t talked about much and it totally should have been because this metallic look left me speechless. I love how the hair and accessories were kept simple so that all the attention was on this beautiful dress!

jane wu

Jennifer Lopez

Typically, I’m not a fan of J-Lo’s looks but I was all over this! You might have realized that I love mustard, and it’s hard to rock it honestly but Jennifer definitely did! I also love how the tie at the top of the dress that is originally just a simple ribbon was drowned in diamonds for her look.

jennifer lopez

Kate Hudson

What. A. Goddess. Kate Hudson is literally what I aspire to be, I mean look at her! This Michael Kors gown is amazing on her and I love how she kept it simple with the hair which made her look so effortless. She’s always consistent on the red carpet and I love that.

kate hudson

Katy Perry

Katy looked so hot in this gown I almost cried. If you know me, you know that I would let Katy Perry adopt me at any second. Was her hair a little bit of a no? Sure, but I also think it’s very her, so I’m not too upset about it.

katy perry

Kirsten Dunst

We have not seen Kirsten on the red carpet in a very long time and ladies and gents, what a come back! She looks absolutely amazing and I am all over this velvet black gown with the little strings in the front and all over the back.

kirsten dunst

Laverne Cox

She killed it in this gown and there’s really nothing more to say than just to admire the fact that she looks super elegant!

laverne cox

Lily James

I love the texture of this dress and think Lily looks like she stepped out of a fairy tale.

lily james

Melissa Benoist

Supergirl totally rocked the red carpet in this look! I love the structure of this gown and think that the shoes were a perfect simple touch.

melissa benoist

Michael B. Jordan

Aside from the fact that he makes me super heart eyes emoji, Michael B. Jordan is one of the red carpet men that know how to dress! He looks amazing in this fitted suit and very classy!

michael b jordan

Olivia Wilde

Let’s be honest, it really doesn’t take much for Olivia to look stunning and this was definitely one of those times. Although very simple, she managed to make this dress look pristine.

olivia wilde

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Another one of my all time fashion favorites to watch, Rosie looked stunning in this gold number! She always looks like a glowing goddess.

rodie huntington-whiteley

Sophia Bush

This simple black dress fit Sophia like a glove and I thought this was a great look for her from head to toe.

sophia bush

Taylor Schilling

I am all for this look and love the fact that Taylor took a risk in not wearing a gown like everyone else. This glam pant suit look is one of my top favorites!

taylor schilling


The In-Between

Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone seemed to love this look but I jut wasn’t overwhelmed. I will say that I do love the structure of the dress and how the necklace looks like it’s apart of it, but the hair throws me off and it just doesn’t blow me away.

jennifer lawrence


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Zendaya always looks stunning and is a trend setter, but the three layers of this Marchesa gown make the shape look a bit awkward. Later on she removed the bottom layer and I thought it looked a lot better!


Jamie Alexander

The styling of this look is fantastic and I love emerald so much, but from what we’ve seen Jamie in before, this is underwhelming for me. I also could have gone without the shapes on the gown.

jaimie alexander

Natalie Dormer

Another look that left me underwhelmed from when I saw her last. I don’t think Natalie looks awful but there’s something about that neckline and color combo that’s throwing me off.

natalie dormer

Rachel Bloom

I don’t think Rachel looks bad, but the structure of this gown kind of reminded me of Gina and Amy’s gowns and those were just so much better that this one didn’t impact me as much.

rachel bloom

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji always plays it safe on the red carpet, and although she looks nice, I’m ready to see more. I also think that this looks a bit bridal and I could have done without that clutch.

taraji p. henson

Uzo Aduba

Something about the sleeves on this dress make me uncomfortable.

uzo aduba

Rooney Mara

This dress is from Alexander McQueen’s Shipwrecked collection and I love that collection along with this gown, but I just don’t think this is Rooney’s color at all.

rooney mara


The Worst

Cate Blanchett

Although I am a big fan of Givenchy, this dress, not so much. I like that they changed the original color of it for her but other than that I just can’t seem to get myself to like it.

cate blanchett

Alicia Vikander

I was so excited to see what Alicia was going to wear and expected something super amazing but all I got was cute nurse.

alicia vikander

America Ferrera

The only thing that comes to mind when I look at this really is just “no”.

america ferrera

Eva Longoria

This would have looked so good without that floral detailing on the front and the ribbon at the top.

eva longoria

Jane Fonda

I love Jane and I wish she was my super cool and classy grandma, but this just gives me coffee filter vibes.

jane fonda

Leslie Mann

I feel like this dress and the choker are just too much, meanwhile her hair is not enough.

leslie mann

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Floral and either go very right or very wrong… I think you know which direction it took this time.

maggie gyllenhaal

Malin Akerman

Without that uneven and not needed peplum, this dress would have been great.

malin akerman

Regina King

As if those insanely large sequins weren’t enough there had to be a cape too. Also, I don’t know who thought those shoes worked with that dress at all… not that, that dress works on it’s own in the first place but.

regina king

So what were your opinions on this red carpet? Leave a comment telling me who was your favorite and least favorite. My best dressed award would probably have to go to Gina Rodriguez, and my worst dressed goes to Regina King.


xoxo, Caroline


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