PCA’s Red Carpet Review

Another award show, another red carpet, and another review. I’m starting to notice these will become one of my favorite things to post about. I will say the People’s Choice Awards had a fairly good turn up when it comes to fashion this year. Nothing made me want to completely die, but there were a few questionable looks. With those questionable looks there were also the ones that completely blew me away, so without further adieu it’s time for me to pretend I work for fashion police again.

The Best

Abigail Spencer

Fun Fact: My least favorite color is red, and yet this dress completely blows me away. I think Abigail looks amazing in this and her look is perfect from head to toe. I love how this dress is structured as well the strappy heals she paired it with.

abigail spencer

Amber Valletta

Now… do supermodels ever look bad or is that just not a thing? This dress fits Amber perfectly. I also love the delicate choker and the lace up heels that add a little bit of edge to this look.

amber valletta

Cameron Dallas

This Internet star went for a retro approach with his green suit look and suspenders and completely blew me away. Cameron Dallas was definitely my best dressed male for the PCA’s. I’m absolutely obsessed with this look, everything fits him perfectly.

cameron dallas

Jane Lynch

Call me crazy, but I love this look! I think it’s so much fun and it suits Jane perfectly. I’m also living for these colors.

jane lynch

John Stamos

Uncle Jesse was my first childhood crush and I don’t think I’ve really ever gotten over it. He looks very dapper in this velvety suit and no tie look. I need to look away before I get emotional.

john stamos

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson continues to be one of my style inspirations. She literally never looks bad, I don’t get it, how does she do that? I love the look of this loose white jumpsuit and I think the way she accessorized and did her hair goes perfectly with it.

kate hudson

Lea Michelle

Another lady with killer style, Lea brings it in this LBD. I love the detail on this dress as well as the shoes!

lea michelle

Maddie Ziegler

Not only can she dance, but she can dress too! I love that this look is so young and doesn’t age Maddie at all! I think the dress and clutch are super fun and perfect for her age!

maddie ziegler

Meghan Trainor

I think this navy blue and gold look is stunning on Meghan and I’m in love with her hair! She usually goes very simple at most red carpet events so I like how this look is a little more glam! She’s totally rocking it.

meghan trainor

Natalie Dormer

This all black look is destroying me in the best way possible. It’s simple yet has a little something extra by adding that sheer turtleneck under the low cut jumpsuit.

natalie dormer

Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres

Talk about a power couple! Portia and Ellen look great in this black and white duo! I’m usually always a fan of Portia’s looks, she always looks so sleek and polished.

Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres

Piryanka Chopra

I remember when I worked the Vera Wang show during NYFW and I got to see this dress up close and personal. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous along with practically that whole collection, but I couldn’t imagine someone actually wearing it and yet Piryanka could not be doing it anymore justice! She looks amazing.

priyanka chopra

Renee Bargh 

This dress fits Renee perfectly and she literally looks so effortlessly gorgeous. I love the pumps and casual pony tail as well!

renee bargh

Shay Mitchell

Last but definitely not least in my Best Dressed category is Shay Mitchell and she looks super hot! I love the high slit in the dress with the straps, and the low cut in the back! I think she looks amazing, and love the choice of shoes and the sleeked back hair. The vibes she’s giving off just make it looks like she knows she looks good.

shay mitchell


The In Between

Arden Cho

I love Arden’s glam, hair, and shoes so much, but the only think throwing me off about the gown is the top. I think it would have been better with the red detail only at the bottom.

arden cho

Ashley Benson

This look just didn’t blow me away, I love the detail on the shoulders and the low pony, but I think I would have chosen different shoes.

ashley benson

Dakota Johnson

I actually love this and my only complaint is that there’s a tear at the bottom of the dress, like aw come on girl!

dakota johnson

Ed Westwick

As I was looking at this I was starting to drool and then got to the bottom and saw his pants were a bit too long. I have this thing where I’m very picky about men having fitting suits but other than that you know you love him, xoxo.

ed westwick

Kaley Cuoco

I love this dress so much and normally after seeing those shoes I would have put this in the Worst Dressed section, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt because once inside Kaley did have a nice pair of strappy heels. I have no clue what made her think wearing those sneakers on the red carpet was a good idea though.

Kaley Cuoco

Melissa McCarthy

I think Melissa looked cute and I like the mixture of satin and sequins!

Melissa McCarthy

Nathalie Emmanuel

When I first glanced at this I was like YES GIRL WORK, but then I saw the pants and how it looks like she’s stepping all over the bottom of them and and it completely threw off my vibe.

nathalie emmanuel

Troian Bellisario

I don’t like this gown but I also don’t think Troian looks back so since she managed to confuse me, I put her in the In Betweens.

troian bellisario

Grease LIVE!: Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, Julianne Hough, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Kether Donohue

I wonder if there will one day be a group that gets a perfect score. I give this one a 2.5/5. I love how the ladies color coordinated for starters. Vanessa looks super bomb. I love her gown, her shoes, her choker, her hair, everything! I think Keke’s crop top and skirt combo look fabulous but that rat tail she has is what brought the .5 into my rating instead of a full point. Julianne Hough, one of my style icons obviously killing it as usual. Julianne gets my award for best dressed female of the night for sure. Not a fan of Carly’s look at all but I’m letting myself believe that she’s trying to channel Rizzo. As for Kether, I think the dress is aging her, although I do think it is pretty!

Vanessa Hudgens, Keke Palmer, Julianne Hough, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Kether Donohue


The Worst

Christina Milian

I’ve come to notice that this is a style of gown that Christina tends to go with and last time it was bomb, but this time it’s just overkill. Way too much purple everything.

christina milian

Ellen Pompeo

I’m getting pirate vibes from this and just don’t dig it.

ellen pompeo

Josh Holloway


josh holloway

Katie Stevens

I’m not a fan, it kind of just looks unfinished.

katie stevens

Lucy Hale

This just didn’t sit well with me for some reason. It is a very Aria outfit though, I’m sure all my PLL fans out there will agree. I don’t absolutely hate the gown, but I do think it would look better in an editorial shoot or something instead of on the red carpet.

lucy hale

So that’s my little take on the PCA’s red carpet! Let me know if you agree with my best dressed choices or who you think takes the cake!


xoxo, Caroline


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