Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Summer to Fall

There’s always that phase when it’s not quite fall yet, but it doesn’t feel like summer anymore either and a lot of the time this leaves us fashionably confused. I’ve come to find that the perfect way to get out of this fashion funk is to let your fall and summer clothes interact and create outfits that will be great for chillier days to come! Here are my best tips on how to transition your wardrobe for the fall season!

1. Layering

I know you don’t want to part ways with your cute tank tops and blouses yet, trust me I don’t either, but guess what? You don’t have to! Just by adding a cardigan, chambray button up, or even a long sleeve shirt under or over one of your tops, it will automatically get cozier and more fit for the fall time.

2. Tights and Knee-High Socks

When you have a skirt or pair of shorts that your still want to wear, but the wind and your legs don’t exactly want to be friends, just throw on a pair of tights or knee high socks for automatic warmth! They add some more dimension to your outfit, and come in an array of colors and styles so theirs something for every outfit!

3. Light Coat

You don’t have to melt in a heavy lined coat just yet! Instead try something lighter, like a thick trench coat, or a denim jacket. This way your arms won’t be bare, but you also won’t be overly warm during those breezy days.

4. Scarfs

You’d be surprised how much a scarf can do! Just adding a scarf to your outfit not only spices it up a bit, but will give you that bit of snugly warmth you need. Big poncho like scarfs are very in for the fall season right now and are super cute!

5. Boots

Boots or booties instead of sandals or flip flops will get you on your way to fall with such a quick and easy change! They also have more of a chunkier look which is something that can be seen throughout the fall season with bigger sweaters and longer pants so they flow right into the mix and keep your feet warmer.

6. Chunky Sweaters

I thought chunky sweaters should  get their own spotlight because sometimes all you really need is a chunky sweater. The time between summer and fall can be tricky but on some days you can get away with bare legs in shorts by just adding a big and comfy sweater instead of a tank or crop top! Chunky sweaters are also a great way to bring the maxi skirt into the fall season!

xoxo, Caroline


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