Top 10 Beach Bag Must Haves

Since it’s summer, I thought what better time than now, then to talk about what your beach bag should contain! I know some of us always forget that one thing we meant to bring whether it’s a snack or sunscreen and then we want to punch ourselves in the face for it, but with this little guide, I’m sure there’s nothing that you’ll be missing! Here are my top 10 beach bag must haves.

1. Sunscreen 

I had to put this as number one for obvious reasons. Sunscreen is important all the time, not just when you’re catching rays on the beach. It’s important to keep your skin safe from the sun, so that you don’t leave the beach looking like a lobster and are also at less of a risk of skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen also reduces the chances of wrinkles! I also think it’s important to have a separate sunscreen that’s primarily for your face so that you won’t break out, as some people do with usual sunscreen!

Sunscreen for your face

Sunscreen for your body

2. A Hat

Hats give that extra little help to ensure that the sun is off of your face. Not only that, but it can also keep the sun from hurting your eyes by providing a bit of shades. I’m a personal fan of the baseball cap, although I wouldn’t turn down a super cute floppy hat either!

Brandy Melville Baseball Cap

3. Water

It’s super, super, important to stay hydrated every single day, but when you’ve been out in the sun all day it’s important to drink even more water than usual to keep your body from getting dehydrated. Your body needs water and aside from keeping you healthy, it’ll quench your thirst on those scorching hot beach days!

Water Bottle

4. Sunglasses

I’d say this one is self explanatory! It’s important to have a cute pair of sunnies to shield your eyes from those harsh UV rays, but just make sure your don’t get a fabulous little sunglasses tan!

Quay Australia Sunglasses

5. Camera

I don’t know about you but this is a must for me in every situation! I always bring my SLR to the beach to capture memories with my friends and family, and to also take pictures of the beautiful ocean. I’m also a big fan of disposable cameras and when bringing them to the beach, you have the chance of manipulating the film by getting the camera wet, or leaving it in the sun for a long time to add some nature made filters to your photos!

Disposable Camera

6. Towel

I’d recommend bringing two of these bad boys with you. One you can sit and tan on, and another to use when you get out of the water. so that way you’re not getting sand all over your body when it’s still wet!

Beach Towel

7. Healthy Snacks

When you head to the beach it’s usually for longer than just a couple of minutes which means your tummy might start talking back to you! Bringing some snacks is a great way to satisfy your hunger and to also save money on buying food! One of my favorite things to bring is fruit because not only is it healthy and delicious, but it’ll also help hydrate you! Some other great snacks are veggies, nuts, and you could even make yourself some yummy sandwiches and smoothies!

8. Music

My friends and I love making summer playlists and playing music to set the perfect mood while we’re on the beach! Not only do I recommend bringing and iPod or some other sort of music, but also a wireless speaker so that your music will be much louder than just playing it from your phone or other device. One thing I like to do is time how long I’ve been tanning each side of my body by counting how many songs have played so I can tan both sides equally!

Bluetooth Speaker

9. Book

Maybe you’re not really about tanning, or playing in the water but still want to enjoy the beauty that is the ocean, then you can bring a book! In the summer I like reading things that are a bit lighter and are just fun little reads.

The Vacationers

10. Lip Balm

Last but definitely not least, it’s super important to have a lip balm with SPF to make sure that your lips stay hydrated, because they are rather sensitive and can also become chapped and burned from the sun!


Lip Balm with SPF

xoxo, Caroline


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