Tips on Staying Organized

Staying organized and making sure you get everything done can be difficult for some people. I remember when I was younger I used to always leave everything for last minute and not really have a sense of organization on my room, purse, or my life to be honest, but once I started getting into organization I basically became a freak about it now. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing though, being organized can really set an ease into your every day schedule even on a busy day! Here are my top five tips on staying organized!

1. Get a Planner

This is probably the most important thing in my book! It’s summer and I’m still using a planner. I write down everything in my planner whether it’s things I have to do or things I want to do; this way I don’t forget anything. When choosing a planner make sure you go with one that will have enough space for everything you want to write down. Tiny ones that barely have lines or ones that schools usually provide don’t cut it! Another little tip for using a planner is making it fun by using colored pens, stickers, and highlighters for optimal cuteness and organization!

2. Find a Good Place for Everything

Obviously everything in your bedroom, purse, desk, etc. has a home but is it really a good home? If you’re trying to stay organized make sure that everything is in a place where you’ll remember it. Put things that you use the most in places that you tend to reach for the most or will be easy to remember. The things that you only use once in a while should be put somewhere that really isn’t on your mind as much, but is still a place that you won’t forget!

3. Put it Away Right Away

I know this can feel like a hassle. I’m guilty of struggling with this at times especially with my clothing, but getting into this habit will make you love yourself more, I promise.After you come home put your clothes back in your closet or into the hamper right away. After you finish eating a meal, wash the dishes right away. After finishing a DIY project put all the supplies back right away. You get the idea, right? You’ll be so much more satisfied with the clean and organized space it’ll become a habit eventually!

4. Have a To-Do List on Your Phone

A planner is enough for me, but for some people it just doesn’t cut it. If you know that you won’t be able to glance into your planner throughout the day, have a to-do list on your phone that sets off reminders for things that you have to do that day. Also set the reminder at least an hour and a half before so that you won’t freak out in the moment!

5. Just Get it Done

It’s as simple as that sometimes. If you have homework to do, or business to take care of just get it done right away. If you do the hard stuff first and get it over with you’ll have the rest of the day to do whatever you want without having something that you’re dreading on your mind. Finish that pesky project and you’ll have something to look forward to afterwards!

xoxo, Caroline


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