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Tips on Meditation

Meditation is a practice that comes along with multiple benefits such as increased concentration, decreased anxiety, and increased happiness. A lot of people start mediation in their lives but never continue with it and it just becomes another thing you decided to try out once. I became more educated about meditation when I got into practicing Buddhism, but by no means must you be a Buddhist to start practicing! I know that a lot of people might not know what the “right” way to meditate is, but there really is no concrete right way because everyone’s journey will be different. I’ve complied a few tips that I think will help one really get immersed into meditation and not give it up.

1. Focus

I’ve heard from tons of people that they don’t think they could ever meditate because they can’t clear their mind. Although it is good to focus on one thing when meditating, it is also important to remember that meditation is not the absence of thought; it is the practice of stillness. Instead of looking at your thoughts as completely toxic and a threat to your meditation, just imagine them as clouds passing by. It’s normal for us to think about things at all times, just don’t let those thoughts consume you out of your peace.

2. Start Gradually

Instead of going head on into an hour long meditation session, start slow and build your way up to it. Meditation isn’t the easiest thing to do, and if you start with a super long session right away, it won’t feel like you’re getting any benefits, instead it’ll feel like torture. I recommend starting with just 5 minutes and adding 5 minutes every single time you meditate.

3. Focus on Breathing

When you breathe in and out deeply and fully, more oxygen is being brought to your brain and muscles calming them down, and slowing your heart rate. This will help increase your focus in the practice.

4. Let Yourself Experiment

Nowhere does it say that meditation requires you to be sitting like a hard core Yogi with your legs criss-crossed and eyes close. Instead as a beginner, try and test things out. You can try sitting, lying down, keeping your eyes open, focusing your energy on a flame, etc. See what works best for you.

5. Avoid Noise

Yes there are loads of meditation music soundtracks on YouTube that your could play, but there is truly nothing better than silence. Make sure there are no outside noises that disturb you, and also make sure that your are in a place that makes your feel comfortable and at peace. When you don’t have any distractions it is easier to draw your full and undivided attention to the practice.

6. Smile

We tend to hold a lot of tension in our faces so having a gentle half smile rest on your face will release that tension and stress. It will keep you relaxed and make meditation a better experience.

7. Be Present

Focus on what you are doing in that moment, and let yourself. We spend so much time running around, sitting on the computer, interacting with other people, etc. Let yourself be in that stillness and accept the moment. You deserve it!

8. Be Grateful

At the end up your practice, just sit for 2-3 minutes and let yourself reflect on all the things your have to be happy and grateful about. Remind yourself of all the things that make your smile and are worth being the best you that you can be for yourself!

Well, there you have it! I truly hope that this helped some of you that are interested in meditation. If you’d like to learn more, I’d suggest reading and also taking guided classes, but I have faith in you, it’s a practice that requires practice, that’s all! Namaste.

xoxo, Caroline


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