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This isn’t the post that I originally planned on posting today, but I had no time to get it together and I had this pre-made! I think these little tag posts are fun to do every once in a while and this one is related to fashion and beauty for the most part so why not give it a go! I promise the post I had in mind for today will be up later in this week!


blush or bronzer? 

bronzer! I literally wear it every single day. I’m trying to get more into blush though!

lip gloss or lipstick? 

Lip stick. I don’t really use lip gloss that often because I’m not a fan of the sticky consistency.

eyeliner or mascara? 

You will NEVER see me without mascara. 

foundation or concealer? 

This is tough honestly but I’m gonna go with concealer because unlike foundation, I wear concealer on a daily basis.

neutral or color eye shadow? 

I’m more of a neutral eye shadow gal. Although sometimes i’ll throw in some greens and purples.

brushes or sponges? 

I really only use sponges for liquid foundation and under eye concealer, so brushes!

Nails:OPI or china glaze? 

OPI, I actually don’t own any nail polish by china glaze, but I guess I should check it out?

long or short? 

long but natural!

brights or darks?

darks, I have an ox blood shade that I wear literally all year round.

flower or no flower?

no flower probably.

Body:perfume or body splash? Hm, I do love me a good body splash but perfume, my current obsession is Fresh Cream by Philosophy

lotion or body butter?

Honestly, I don’t really use either, but I guess lotion.

body wash or soap? 

Body wash, i feel like soap leaves such a weird feel.

lush or other bath company? 

Honestly lush is worth all the hype, every product I have from there is amazing and they’re cruelty free!!!

Fashion:jeans or sweat pants? 

Jeans, you won’t ever catch me leaving the house in sweat pants, and denim might just be one of my favorite things.

long sleeve or short sleeve? 

Short sleeve because you can layer them, and short sleeve also usually means summer so.

dresses or skirts?

Love both, but dresses!!

stripes or plaid? 

Oh man, another tough one, but stripes; I probably have more items of clothing with stripes than needed.

flip flops or sandals?

Sandals, fun fact: I hate flip flops.

scarves or hats? 

Hats! I feel like I always buy scarves and never wear them.

studs or dangly earrings?

Studs, I feel like I look weird with dangl earrings.

necklaces or bracelets? 

Necklaces, they make more of a statement.

heels or flats? 

Heels make everything better!

cowboy boots or riding boots?

Riding boots for sure!

jacket or hoodie?


forever 21 or charlotte russe? 

Forever 21, I feel like every one finds cute things in Charlotte Russe, but every time I go in there I find nothing.

abercrombie or hollister? 

Hollister, only because that’s where I get my jeans.

saks 5th or nordstorm? 

Not that I can afford either, but Saks 5th!

Hair:curly or straight? 

Curly 4ever.

bun or ponytail?

Messy buns all the way even though my hair is short and a whole bunch of pieces hang out!

bobby pins or butterfly or clips?

Omg butterfly clips, talk about child hood, but bobby pins.

hair spray or gel? 

Hair Spray, I never use gel.

long or short?

I never thought I’d say this but, short!!!

light or dark? 

light, can’t imagine myself being anything but blonde.

up or down? 

down, especially now that it’s shorts.

Random:rain or shine? nothing makes me happier than sunshine!!

summer or winter? SUMMER, I despise being cold!

Fall or Spring? Fall because I wish Halloween was all year round.

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla!

East coast or west coast? I live on the east coast, but the west coast is calling my name!!

xoxo, Caroline


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