Things to be Happy About Pt. 4

It’s time for probably my favorite post of the month! December has been a pretty great month for me so far and I hope it’s been the same for all of you. Sure there’s been ups and downs but overall I’ve been in a rather fabulous mood, and have just been adding and adding to this list I am constantly compiling of things to be happy about and appreciate. I actually did a paper analyzing an article about how if we pretend to be happy for a little period of time, our brain will eventually show activity of actual happiness. Also practicing gratitude every single day increases happiness, so maybe one of these things can be added to the daily list of things you’re grateful for!

1. Someone pronouncing your name right

You’d think Caroline would be easy to get down on the first try but nope… think again. I’ve definitely gotten Carolina, Karolina, Caroleene, and of course Carolynn. So my people with the not so common names, I definitely feel you. My last name on the other hand is Nycek which is a bit more complicated, so when someone pronounces my whole name completely right I can’t help but smile and tell them they did so!

2. Fall Colors

Although I’m not one for cold weather, I could literally stand outside and stare at the leaves in the fall time all day. No matter how many time we see those leaves change color, they never quite lose their magic. Not only are fall colors beautiful in nature, but they’re beautiful in fashion as well! I might not wear much color, but shades of eggplant, emerald, mustard, pumpkin, navy blue, and burgundy just draw me in.

3. A cozy bed when you’re cold

Do you ever just randomly wake up in the middle of the night and feel a chill, but when you snuggle up in your sheets it becomes just about the most satisfying feeling ever? This happens to me very often in the winter and I love diving into my cozy bed with literally a smile plastered on my face. I also tend to eat breakfasts that are on the cold side, so after I’m done I literally run to my bed and cover myself completely under my sheets until I can’t breathe any more. Best. Feeling. Ever.

4. Hearing the song that’s been on your mind all day

I’ve had days where a tune has just been playing on repeat in my head and I just can’t shake it, but the moment I hear the song everything is better in the world. I literally jam out to the song so hard and finally feel like I’m content with it being stuck in my head all day.

5. The smell of burning wood

Whether it’s for a fire to toast some marshmallows, or to create a nice atmosphere, I adore the smell of burning wood. It’s almost comforting to me and I feel like it really does add to the setting of an environment; especially in the winter time.

6. Eating outside

This might sound silly, but really if you’ve never tried doing this before I honestly think you should. I definitely do this when it’s warmer out and it just really hits the spot. Just making yourself some lunch and going to sit on your steps or outside in your backyard soaking up that vitamin D, really feels way better than sitting in an enclosed kitchen under the fluorescent lights.

7. Remembering a good memory

Sometimes this can bring some nostalgia, but most of the time when I remember a good memory I smile without even realizing it. It’s nice to remember all the great things we’ve experienced in our lives and how they’re special to our memory and not everyone else’s.

8. Pumpkin pie

My parents and I really don’t do anything big on Thanksgiving but one thing we make sure we do is bake a pumpkin pie (vegan of course!) and every year I look forward to making that super delicious pie! It literally is one of the highlights of my year. Pumpkin pie is the best pie, don’t fight me on this.

9. The moon

Little Luna is such a gem isn’t she? I know I’ve used the words smile and happy a lot in this post but really, I genuinely smile every time the moon is looking extra special. Although I love a good big and bright full moon, my favorite is when the moon is in its crescent phase. It looks so beautiful and storybook like to me!

10. Harvest festivals

I don’t know about you but I literally go to like all the harvest festivals in all the towns surrounding me because I love them so much. Not only are there cute fall activities and decor everywhere, but you can also discover some super cool clothing, jewelry, home ware, and delicious food! The environment of harvest festivals is just great.

xoxo, Caroline


4 thoughts on “Things to be Happy About Pt. 4

      1. I was going dowm your blog and it said “4 hours” on loads of them and i thought you were a super typer or something haha! But seriously you’re so talented and I’ll definitely be reading your future posts x


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