The AMA’s Red Carpet Review

So I thought I’d put my own little spin on Fashion Police and put in my two cents on the looks of last weeks AMA’s. There were tons of eye catching looks that really deserve some spotlight. Also disclaimer: I’m giving my opinion on the fashion on the red carpet, not of the people in the fashion, so please don’t attack me if I thought your fave could have done better.

The Best

Gigi Hadid

What a goddess, I mean really. She totally rocked this look from head to toe, and the faux bob was a nice touch. I have nothing bad to say about this, it slayed me.

Ashley Benson

This might have been a simple look, but I absolutely adored it. It was different from your average gown, and the color looked so great with Ashley’s hair and skin tone. I am all for this!

Charlie Puth

I love Charlie so much, and I love this look! It’s hard for the boys of the red carpet to stand out sometimes, but he definitely did, and with style!

Chloe Grace Moretz

This might have not been everyone’s cup of tea but I thought Chloe looked so adorable and the 90’s vibes she was serving were EVERYTHING!


This gown was literally made for Ciara. Not only is it beautiful in general but it hugs her in all the right place and she looks absolutely stunning!

Giuliana Rancic

The Minute I saw G in this dress I was like YESSS. I love how it almost has a shattered glass effect.

Nicki Minaj

I have no words to describe how bomb Nicki looked in this dress. Like I am literally speechless.

Hannah Davis

This is one of my top looks. When I saw her on the red carpet I literally screamed. I love how this dress is so elegant yet still slightly sexy with it being just a tad transparent.

Juliane Hough

This girl is definitely one of my favorite people to watch when it comes to fashion. I rarely ever don’t like her looks. The colors of this gown look so amazing on her, and I love how fun it is!

Luke Bryan

Luke literally never looks bad, he is one of the best dressed male celebrities and definitely my #1 for the men’s looks of this evening.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn always takes the simple approach with his looks but I feel like it just really works for him.

Kendall Jenner

Last, but most certainly not least we have Kendall Jenner. This gets the award for best dressed in my eyes. I thought she looked so chic. Everything from her top knot with bangs, those statement earrings, the adorable dress, the shoes; it’s all FABULOUS. I’m obsessed with Kendall and I swear she never has a bad look.

The In Between

Alanis Morissette

I don’t actually hate this but I don’t actually love it. And that’s really all I have to say about that.

Christina Milian and Karrueche Tran

I think these two looked amazing and I think it’s so cute that they came together! The reason I put them in the in-between is because I feel like although they look great it didn’t really hit me that hard you know?

Gwen Stefani

When I first saw this I hated it and then it kind of grew on me because I don’t know, it’s Gwen and this somehow works for her. I don’t really think I’d let anyone else get away with it though.

Hailee Steinfeld

I think this was a really cute and young look for Hailee and I like how she didn’t go with the usual dress option. The only thing throwing me off is the buttons in the center giving me sailor vibes.

Justin Bieber

I’m not mad about this, but I guess we can all admit he could have stepped it up a bit. I still don’t think this is a worst dressed though because let’s be honest, Justin Bieber always manages to look good somehow.

Meghan Trainer

I think Meghan looks lovely and elegant, but it was just a bit simple for me.

One Direction

I put this here because I agree with 2/4 of these looks. Liam is a no for me, his suit isn’t fitted enough and I’m not about that. Louis kind of looks off without a tie, it’s almost like he didn’t get to finish getting ready. Niall I think is my favorite out of the bunch; his suit fits him perfectly and he just looks very sharp. Now call me crazy but I’m into Harry’s look. Yes it’s very daring and bold, but I like the 70’s vibe it gives and I think it’s an awesome statement look.

Selena Gomez

Obviously Selena’s hot, but something about this dress doesn’t quite do it for me. Those rope like things on the sides of the dress are serving me some kind of intergalactic alien aesthetic for some reason and the small slit in the middle is a bit awkward. Also she wore colored contacts which I once put in a level of hell for a school project so.


I’m obsessed with Zendaya and think she is a fashion icon. With that being said, I think this look was super cute for her and I love the colors in her outfit and makeup; the only thing I would have liked differently was if the top didn’t have the white ruffles.

The Worst

Alicia Silverstone

I guess it could be worse, but this dress is just not doing anything for her.

Carrie Underwood

I love how she always looks like a fairy tale character and she’s forever so cute, but this is just a no.

Demi Lovato

This was a favorite for some, but everything about this look just looks stiff to me.

Ellie Goulding

I love Ellie so much but when I saw this I just… why. Yes, the dress might be outdated but I think it could have been redeemed a but if her hair was more polished and the shoes weren’t that heavy.

Fifth Harmony

They look like they’re all wearing bad prom dresses.

Jennifer Lopez

I know she had tons of costume changes but I think I only liked one of them, and this is the one that stood out to me the most. I feel like she looks like a used tampon… excuse me.

Kat Graham

Honestly out of all the things her stylist probably presented her with she went with this.

Kylie Jenner

I just think of a a biker chic when I see this.

Nick Jonas

Are we sure this is Nick Jonas or is it Dr. Evil from Austin Powers?

Nina Dobrev

I don’t like the jacket with this dress and the shoes are completely off.

Tove Lo

There is just way too much going on here and the look is too heavy. I want to say that I’d like it better if the shoes were different but honestly…

Z Lala


xoxo, Caroline


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