September Favorites

Another month has gone by, and another favorites video is upon us! I feel like I said this last month, but September really flew right past me! Like I swear the first day of classes was yesterday. It’s bittersweet because September was a pretty good month for me, but at the same time I’m so ready for October aka my second favorite month of the year because I’m Halloween crazed. This month I have some exciting favorites… well they’re exciting to me at least! I hope you guys enjoy, and I really do recommend that you try these things because I got some goods ones for you this month!

Fashion Favorite: Wide-brim hats

If you follow me on social media or just hang out with me in person, then you know I’ve been wearing hats so much this month, it’s a little bit out of hand. Wide-brim hats have been my jam this month, and not only have I constantly been wearing them, but I constantly feel like I have to buy more because there is just SOO many cute colors and styles! I tend to lean towards my black one because it makes me feel witchy and I am all about that.

Wide-Brim Wool Boater Hat

Beauty Favorite: Urban Decay Naked Palette

I know, this product isn’t new, and although I still use it all the time for eye shadow, I’ve actually found a new use for one of the shades. This month I have started using the shade ‘Virgin’ as a highlighter and I am OBSESSED. I am all about glowy skin and one day I just didn’t feel like putting on the liquid highlighter that I have on so I thought of trying this one and I’ve been hooked ever since. I use this in my inner corner as well and I just feel like it ties in every look together so nicely. I can’t speak for everyone, but if you have a fair skin tone, this will look great!

NAKED Eyeshadow 

Favorite Candle: Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow

Naturally, one can never have enough candles, so although I have tons, I definitely bought more this season. This candle caught my eye because all my three favorite candle scents are in the title, so I couldn’t just let it sit there without picking it up and smelling it and then proceeding to fall in love… you know? Honestly guys this is such a perfect fall candle and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Food Favorite: Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Popped Crisps

You guys, these chips are insanely delicious. Engine 2 makes my favorite oil free vegan hummus, so when I saw these chips I HAD to try them. They are super addicting, and the ingredients are so simple; brown rice flour, whole ground corn, sweet potato powder, cane sugar, salt, and cinnamon powder. They’re low fat and low sodium which gets a thumbs up for me! They’re also obviously vegan, and for those of you that are allergic to gluten or have a gluten intolerance like I do, these puppies are gluten free as well! I know they sound so bland, but really you just HAVE to try them. I’ve gotten a couple of people hooked already. I like eating them on their own or putting them on my oatmeal! You can find them at Whole Foods.

Engine 2 Plant-Strong Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Popped Crisps

Favorite YouTuber: Manny MUA

Oh my god, everyone, right now, go and subscribe to Manny on YouTube. I’m literally obsessed with him and I’ve been binge watching his videos this month. He’s an incredible makeup artist, and he’s literally the cutest and funniest thing ever. If you love beauty gurus and makeup tutorials and reviews, then definitely check him out!


Favorite Event: New York Fashion Week

I can’t believe this is one of my favorites but it is! At FIT we have the opportunity to sign up as volunteers for Fashion Week. After waiting in line for a little over two hours, I finally got to sign up and chose to work the Frankie B Hollywood show. The show was mis-booked, so I ended up not really doing anything but the experience of being backstage was amazing! It was the designer’s debut at Fashion Week and I absolutely adored all the clothing. After the show I got to talk to the designer and attend the after party where I met this lady that worked for a company that worked numerous well known designer’s shows! She told me to e-mail her later on and she offered me an opportunity to work Kanye’s show (OMG), I was so excited but unfortunately due to budgeting they needed less people to dress their models so they didn’t need me. Instead she got me to be a dresser at Vera Wang which was one of the best experiences ever. It was indescribable and not only did I get to see Vera herself, but the queen Anna Wintour was also about a foot away from me, as well as Bella Thorne and Rita Ora. I can’t wait till February to do it all over again!

Check out more pics on my Instagram!

Song Favorite: If I Ain’t Go You- James Bay

Now, this is a cover but, and don’t kill me… James Bay murders this 10x better than Alicia Keys. I love James Bay and he’s such an amazing and talented artist. I really wish him the best of luck and just hope he continues to make beautiful music that makes my heart happy. Listen to this cover (which is also on Spotify) and then all the rest of his music. Now.

James Bay- If I Ain’t Got You

xoxo, Caroline


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