OOTD: Lazy Sunday

Sunday’s are definitely my lazy days. I usually keep it casual on Sunday’s and use it as a day to relax and mentally prepare myself for the week ahead. Today will probably just consist of church, lounging, doing a little shopping, and more lounging (also let’s not forget Once Upon a Time is on, on Sundays, who else is obsessed with that show? Hook and Emma forever y’all). We all have those days where we just have no motivation to try and think of an intricate outfit and today was totally one of those days. I wanted something comfy that would be easy to move around in, and I know when you think lazy and comfy you probably think of leggings, but these high waisted jeans are so comfortable, I kid you not; I could literally pop a split in them. This cropped eyelash sweater is also so cozy and one of the softest things ever and sits nicely on the high waisted jeans. To finish it I just put on a pair of combat boots and a choker and I’m ready to embrace my chill Sunday!

Eyelash Cropped Sweater: Forever 21

High Waisted Jeans: Pacsun

Combat Boots: Kohl’s

Choker: Etsy

xoxo, Caroline


8 thoughts on “OOTD: Lazy Sunday

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