November Favorites

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like my life is always messy during November. I feel like there’s been so much going on this month, but don’t worry, I still managed to pick out my favorites because how could I not? I had to sit down and recollect what I really loved this month because I feel like I didn’t have time to just think “Hey, I really love this!” Even though that might have been the case, I still think my favorites for this month are all worth checking out!

Fashion Favorite: Heather Grey Leggings

I know this is such a basic fashion favorites, but honestly I’ve been in love with my heather grey leggings. I’m all about the sporty chic look and I feel like these add something different to an outfit as opposed to plain black leggings. I’ve literally been trying to fit them into as many outfits as possible, but still keeping them all different! Trust me, not only will you be able to work out in these, but you’ll also be able to put together cute outfits.

Classic Leggings

Skincare Favorite: Breath of Fresh Air-LUSH

If you know me, then you know I’m obsessed with LUSH. Although the bath bombs, smell amazing and make bath time so much more fun, I’m not really a bath person so the skincare section really takes my attention. I wanted to get a toner to go along with my other LUSH skincare and I decided to go with this one after reading about it. I’m honestly so happy I got this because it’s so soothing and I feel like it helps calm my skin! I use it after I wash my face every morning and also after I use a face mask. It’s also a great way to give your skin a little refresher.

Breath of Fresh Air

YouTube Favorite: Casey Neistat

For some reason, one of my favorite thing to watch on YouTube is vlogs. Casey is hands down my favorite vlogger. I literally watch his vlogs every single morning. He lives in New York which is one thing that caught my attention since that’s basically my second home, and I just love watching his daily vlogs. If you’re into vlogs I definitely recommend checking him out, you’ll be hooked!

Casey Neistat

Music Favorite: 25-Adele

If you didn’t see this coming, I can honestly say I’m shocked. (Although I will admit, I did consider putting Sorry by Justin Bieber here because wow what a tune) If you haven’t listened to this album form beginning to end and enjoyed every second of it… WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! This album is totally worth the purchase and I’m obsessed with it. No matter how many emotions she makes me feel at once, I will always love Adele.


xoxo, Caroline


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