July Favorites

July, my favorite month of the year. Not only is it the prime month of the summer, but it’s also my birthday month. Overall, I’d say this month is a favorite in its own, but lets get down to the specifics!

Fashion Favorite: Shift Dresses

I may have an obsession with buying dresses, but this month I’ve been especially drawn to shift dresses of all kinds. I just think they’re perfect for the summer because they’re so loose and shapeless which makes them super comfortable. Shift dresses are also versatile making them perfect for any occasion. My go to one this month has been a black t-shirt dress that I have from Cotton On.

Tina Tshirt Dress

Beauty Favorite: L’Oreal Setting Spray

I use this every time I put on makeup, even if it’s just some concealer and mascara, and in my honest opinion it works just as well as a high end setting spray. In the summer time especially makeup tends to run because of the heat, but this stuff keeps my makeup in place at all times and also prevents it from creasing and getting as shiny as usual.

Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray

Favorite Event: My Birthday

July 29th which was actually yesterday if you were wondering. Lately things have been going pretty well, and my birthday this year added to that as it usually does! Not only did my parents come into my room at midnight to give me a minion (Bob to be exact aka my favorite one) which I was not expecting since I already thought I received my full gift, but I also got to go out to eat with my closest friends at my favorite cafe. Spending time with some of my favorite people always makes a sure plan for a great day. We went to Vang Gogh’s Ear Cafe in Union, NJ where they have delicious food and drinks! I had the falafel wrap which is vegan and i definitely recommend it! The veggie burger is also to die for!

Van Gogh’s Ear Cafe

Music Favorite: Free

Cody Simpson released his first album as an independent artist this month, and it is amazing. I think it’s his best music so far hands down and is full of smooth vibes. It’s perfect music for the beach and if you like the sounds of people like Jack Johnson and John Mayer then I would definitely check this album out; it’s worth a listen!

Free- Cody Simpson

Movie Favorite: Inside Out

Pixar has done it again! Inside Out was an amazing movie and I think that people of all ages would enjoy it. I went to go see it with my parents and we all loved it. It touched on just about all you’re emotions, and if you’re a crier then you’ll definitely be wiping some tears, I know my mom did for sure. It’s also super cute and funny; besides how cool is it to think that they’res little Amy Poehlers inside your head? Check it out and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Scent: Malaia

I’ll admit, all I really buy at Hollister are the jeans but sometimes I just go in there because the smell is deliciously intoxicating. Upon the hunt for some white jeans this month, I stumbled inside Hollister and saw this cute bottle on their counter, so I had to smell it and after I did my life changed. Okay… maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but this perfume is amazing, and it’s perfect for the summer. Besides, if you ever wanted to smell like Hollister, this is your chance.


xoxo, Caroline


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