Hug a Fat Month



I know, you’re probably thinking, what??? What is hug a fat month?? Well, one of my favorite food bloggers Katie, from Chocolate Covered Katie started this, so that we could try and get rid of the idea that fats make you fat! The fats that are naturally found in whole foods are essential for our body so that it functions properly.

Personally, I don’t add any oil to my foods when I cook, but adding a little coconut oil to something is perfectly okay from time to time so don’t feel bad about it! Also eating foods like avocados, nuts, nut butters, flax seeds, and coconut, that have naturally occurring fats are perfectly fine and vital for our bodies. Our brains are 70% fat. and fats also help us have soft skin and hair. As a vegan, I know a lot of people in this community think that fats are evil, but that is truly not the case! Some girls also struggle with the loss of their period, which can be due to a low fat diet and is not good at all! Just because something is low in fat, like the many processed sugary treats found in stores does not mean it is good for you. Everything will be fine if you just have a nice balance and listen to your body!

Of course, everybody’s body is different and has different needs, but the most important thing is to make sure you are getting in all your vital nutrients that will help your body thrive and prosper. Katie mentioned her great dislike for things like how cleanses, detoxes, and fasts are being aimed at people that don’t even like them and I agree 100%! I always get overly frustrated when I hear someone say they’re hungry because they’re on a diet, or that they can’t eat more than 700 calories or something insane like that. You have to remember to treat your body with care and love, and give it the fuel it needs with an abundance of nutritious foods!

So now it’s your turn! Join in on Hug a Fat month and strike a pose with your favorite fat and post it on your blog or Instagram! Then comment the link in the comments of Katie’s post and she’ll feature you. Mine happens to be unsalted creamy peanut butter. I am a nut butter addict, and this stuff is the best! I love putting it on top of my oatmeal, smoothie bowls, and even on my sweet potatoes! My favorite one is from Trader Joe’s so I highly suggest you give it a try because I KNOW you’ll be hooked.

Make sure you check out Katie’s website and go through all her mouth watering recipes. She has tons of vegan recipes that will make you wonder how something so good can still be good for you!

xoxo, Caroline


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