How to Stay Warm in the Cold Months

It can be a struggle when you want to blast your thermostat to make it feel like you’re sitting in a fire lit ski lodge but you don’t want to pay the price. I’m one of those people that gets cold when it’s below about eh.. 70 degrees, so I know how it feels to literally want to surround yourself with heaters during the colder months. Instead of wanting to shed a few tears after seeing the bill for wanting to keep yourself warm, here are some tips on how to stay warm without going broke.

1. Open the curtains in the morning

I know, you just want to stay in your cave and sigh at the fact that outside it might as well be Antarctica, but get up and let that sunshine in!! The sun will warm up the rooms of your house, so they’re not ice cold. Don’t close your blinds until the sun goes down!

2. Stock up on fuzzy blankets

I live in blankets, I kid you not. I have this huge fuzzy orange blanket that I wrap around myself and sit in almost every single day. Like I said before, I get cold really easily so 9/10 times if I eat something cold, you’ll see me sitting in that blanket shortly afterwards. Marshall’s has a great selection of some of the softest and fuzziest blankets for very reasonable prices! Besides, not only can blankets keep you warm, but they can also double as cute decor!

3. Make some tea

A good cup of tea is always perfect for a cold day. I love herbal tea because I don’t drink caffeine and it doesn’t have any! My favorites would have to be peppermint, peach, and chai tea. If some hot cocoa, coffee, or apple cider is more your thing then go for that! I highly suggest tea because not only will it help warm you up from the inside, but depending on the tea, it’s bound to have health benefits!

4. Block any crevices that let cold air in

During the colder months, my mom will roll up some towels and place them at the bottom of our front door so there’s no cold air sneaking through the bottom. We’ll also cover the air conditioner so that no air squeezes through there either! Caulking your window frames will also help protect from the cold.

5. Cover wood floors with are rugs

There’s nothing worse then getting out of bed in the morning and having your feet touch what feels like a glacier. If you set down some rugs, they can spice up your living area and also act as a form of insulation so that the cold air gets trapped underneath instead of spreading throughout the room and they’ll also feel nice and comfy under your feet!

6. Shower with the door open

I understand that this can be kind of awkward depending on who you live with but it will DEFINITELY warm up your house. The steam and humid air that come with taking a shower will warm up the entire house. If you’re like me and turn your bathroom into a sauna after you’re done showering, this will surely be useful.

7. Keep the oven open after you’re done baking

I’m constantly using the oven, whether it’s to bake some vegan treats, bake potatoes and veggies, or bake some homemade gluten free bread, and keeping it open after whatever you’re done baking is finished really helps in warming up the place.

8. Exercise

This might not be everyone’s jam, but hey it’ll work 100%. If you’re not down to do an intense HIIT routine or some other form of cardio or toning, then maybe play a game of Just Dance to get your heart beating faster and to warm up your body.

xoxo, Caroline


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